Brain Not Working Properly

All my knitting seems to require my full attention at the moment, it’s either calling for finishing, decreasing or patterning and my brain can’t seem to take it in!

I finished off the hood of Little One’s hoodie but have to try and pick up for the edging, I did it once but was about 20 stitches short and had more on one side than the other so I ripped it out and will try it again later. I cast on for the second sweater for him the other night while we watched some tv as I wanted some plain stocking stitch, but I really want to get the hoodie done this weekend so there will be some seaming later on and try the picking up once more around the hood. The hood instructions said to cast off and then seam the top of it, but I decided it would look better if I kitchnered it together so I did that and I’m pleased with the result. I only lost concentration once which wasn’t bad for me! Hopefully a FO on Monday!

I am crawling along with the back of Arisaig, I seem to be a stitch down and when I was changing the gauge of the pattern I put a big question mark next to the bit of the pattern I’m about to reach so I need to crunch the numbers again and figure out what needs doing. The missing stitch shouldn’t be a problem, I can stick an extra one on the end somewhere and get away with it!

I have done half the 3rd chart of the Lotus Blossom Shawl which is exciting, onto the blossoms next! It’s been easy knitting so far which is great after the pita Sheep Shawl!

Anyway, I am really grasping for something to write so I will leave you with a Random 10 that I’ve stolen from a few other blogs. Basically I set my MP3 player to random play all and these are the first 10 songs it played out of the 1943 tracks currently on it:

Pleased – Nut – Fantanicity
Billed As Single – The Reindeer Section – Ya’ll Get Scared Now Ya Hear?
Disintegration – The Cure – Disintegration
Lets Kiss and Make Up – The Field Mice – Where’d You Learn To Kiss That Way?
Caution – Bob Marley – Lively Up Yourself
Pulse – Ani Difranco – Little Plastic Castle
Sentimental Journey – Doris Day – Divas Compilation
My Poor Brain – The Foo Fighters – The Color and The Shape
She Makes My Nose Bleed – Mansun – Attack of The Grey Lantern
Swan Dive – Ani Difranco – Chicago 1.17.04

Make of my musical taste what you will!

Food Diary:


Breakfast: Granola with soya milk, cup of black coffee

Lunch: Leftover past with some tomato puree and garlic paste stirred through and a little uncheese on top. 3/4 of an apple and a pear, 2 small glasses of water.

Dinner: 2 small glasses of water, 2 vegeburgers with uncheese, small portion of chips. I don’t normally have chips twice in a week but I didn’t feel at all like cooking last night and we’d had my normal non-cooking standby of pasta the night before.

Evening: cup of earl grey tea with soya milk and 2 coconut muffins. The muffins were small, the amount I made should have made 12 muffins and I got 19 out of it, but still, I probably should have stuck with 1 but I’d had a bad day, Little One was very hard work.


Breakfast: Granola with soya milk, cup of black coffee

Lunch: Small portion of pilaf, 1 white pita bread, 1 pear, 2 small glasses of water

Dinner: Dahl, 2 puppadoms, 3 small glasses of water. Also had 2 dates while cooking.

Going to try and not snack later on, I feel really full now so hopefully that will work out! I will probably have a cup of earl grey though.


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