Little One Hoodie FO

I finished off the hoodie last night, the sewing wasn’t that hard and I managed to get a better and more even number of stitches around the hood so I’m happy with that. I showed it to Little One this morning and he asked to put it on so I think it’s a hit! I’m glad that I made this sweater now though, I was going to wait with it until Spring and still make the 3-4 years size but it fits him perfectly right now.

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The only changes I made to the pattern were to kitchner the top of the hood together rather than seaming it and to sew up the front halfway rather than putting a short zip in. Little One doesn’t like zips right under his chin so it would have been a waste of sewing time trying to get one in this sweater. The ribbing on the hood is rolling inwards at the moment but I’m hoping that it will be fine after a wash and also the middle of the pocket rolls and sometimes pokes out from under the flap which is annoying, but besides putting a snap on it to hold it closed I can’t think of a way to prevent it…

The pattern is Sirdar 4242, it was funny knitting from a commercial printed pattern again, I’ve not knit from anything but online patterns, books or magazines for a while now! I used 4mm and 3.25mm bamboo needles. The buttons are little paw prints chosen by DH from about 6 different buttons I pulled out of my box!

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The yarn is acrylic by King Cole called Value DK and it lives up to it’s name as I used 2.5 balls which cost about £3, around the same as the pattern! I think I will make this pattern again in the future, it goes up to 11-12 years and also has a zip up jacket on it. The actual yarn colour is a balance of the two photos, it’s a really nice mottled brown and it suits Little One’s colouring well.

I also finished up a shirt that has been a UFO for ages. I’m 80% happy with the way this came out, my gathering could use some work and I wish to heaven I could sew a facing on the right way the first time rather than always having to do it twice.

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The pattern is Simplicity 4589 and I am sure I will use it again in the future, there is a square neck version and sleeveless versions which are nice. The fabric is cotton that I got from someone on a sewing group I’m on. I got 50% through sewing this shirt and then at the time couldn’t figure out the instructions so put it aside and worked on other stuff instead! I think I will get a lot of wear out of it in the summer with jeans. I know that it will annoy the hell out of DH though as I’ve made yet another shirt that won’t hang on a hanger as the neckline is too wide! A lot of the stuff I’ve sewn seems to have wide necklines and when he tries to hang up my clothes things slide off which causes some swearing! I’ve yet to figure out a way to get my shirts to stay on hangers properly besides sewing those awful loops in them like store bought clothes have, I hate those though as you can feel them in your clothes so it’s not something I want to do. Any ideas gratefully received!

I also ripped out the bit I need to fix on my only other sewing UFO and will attempt to get that done this week as well, I’ve not got that much of it left so it should only take an afternoon to get it finished.

I’ve done something to my back again, it’s a rare thing at the moment for me not to hobble or have pain somewhere and it’s really starting to wear me down. I have no idea why my back hurts this time, I hadn’t done anything that would have been hard on it (I did afterwards at the allotment though, and paid for it last night!) and it’s frustrating to have one ache after another… I’m hoping that a reduction in weight and a rise in healthiness and fitness will help it out a bit, I don’t want to live the rest of my life with something somewhere hurting, life’s hard enough without that.

Yesterdays Food Log:

Breakfast: Granola with soya milk, 2 cups of black coffee

Lunch: Leftover dahl with 1 white pita bread, 3/4 of an apple and a few grapes. 2 small glasses of water

Dinner: 2 dates while cooking, Fake meat pie, mashed potatoes, sweetcorn. 3 small glasses of water.

Evening: cup of tea with soya milk and 2 small coconut almond muffins.

Progress – 1 week of reducing = 1lb lost, so weight is 199lbs. 4lbs to go until I get to my first short term target. It could actually be 2lbs but my scales are stupid and I can’t read them properly as the marks are really really tiny, it’s incredibly frustrating and I don’t know why I kept them…. When we go shopping later this week I am going to pick up another set that I can actually read so my weight might be something totally different on the new scales.

I need to make sure that this week I keep sticking to the plan and keep reducing the portions and staying away from the snacks a bit more. I always loose it in the second week and get bored and fed up and the whole thing falls apart so I will be trying extra hard to keep going and remind myself why I’m doing this. I’m also going to increase the water another glass at lunch and dinner, working my way towards what I should be drinking to be healthy.


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