Tussah Silk

This is something that has been bugging me for a while and today I started to do some research to try and find out more about tussah silk, which is also referred to as ‘vegan silk’ or ‘peace silk’.

Can I say to start out with that it bugs the hell out of me when something is dubbed ‘vegan’, particularly when it’s main objective it to sell us something and the people who issue the tag normally aren’t vegan themselves. This mainly bugs me because when a vegan person decides that whatever said thing is doesn’t fit with their ethical view they are ridiculed even more than normal about their beliefs.

Just needed to get that off my chest, I’m obviously feeling like a persecuted little vegan at the moment!

Anywho. What I can’t find out about tussah silk is whether the ‘wild’ silk worms are being farmed for the silk or not. This is obviously a really mega important bit of information for an ethical vegan such as myself. I just don’t see how it would be financially sound for a business to have people wandering around in the wild looking for silk, surely keeping the silk worms in a specific bit of forest etc would make it much more cost effective? This information has been missing from every single tussah silk page I’ve looked at. Just because something is called wild doesn’t mean it is wild, it is just another term used in farming for the type of animal.

So, does anyone have an solid information on tussah silk outside the ‘vegan’ and ‘peace’ propaganda? It is, afterall, still an animal product so I want to get my head around the whole thing before I decide whether or not to invest any of DH’s hard earned money in purchasing some to try.

Thank you muchly.


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