Time Flies!

Food Log, I’m sticking this up here now as I’ve gotten behind on it big time and can’t remember from one day to another. I think I will post the log daily whether I have anything else to say or not, just so it’s done and I have a record.

I bought new scales last night that I can actually read, so I’m hoping for a loss this week as well although I haven’t been as strict as I should be. I’m going to try and get right back on track from now on, I almost fell off the wagon completely a few times but am glad to report that I didn’t, I’ve been feeling down (things keep breaking and going wrong at the moment) which normally means I eat and eat but I’ve managed not to overdo it totally which makes me feel good and more in control, usually I’d overeat and then feel bad about that too!

Sorry to those of you who aren’t interested in this at all, I seem to have lost a few readers since I started talking food, guess they were just here for the knitting!

I will try and take some pictures and do a big knitting update later on today.


Breakfast: 2 muffins (recipe said makes 6 and I made 12 so in real life I had 1 but fooled myself into thinking I got 2, clever me!), cup of black coffee

Lunch: Lentil Soup and one and a half slices of white toast with margerine. 3 small glasses of water

Dinner: 2 packets of curry 3 minute noodles, 4 small glasses of water. Would you believe we went to the supermarket to do the month’s shop, made sure DH and Little One had pizza and totally forgot to get anything quick for myself!


Breakfast: Cinnamon and raisin bagel, 1 cup of black coffee

Lunch: Leftover pilaf with 1 white pita bread, 3 small glasses of water, pear, a few grapes, 1 peanut butter cupcake

Dinner: I think it was the Cajun Rice and Red Beans from La Dolce Vegan but we might have had that Thursday. Anyway, it was really nice and I’ll be making it again! Had my water as well and probably a couple of dates. Also had another cupcake, DH finished them off and Little One liked them so I’ll be doing them again.


Breakfast: Granola with soya milk, 1 cup of black coffee

Lunch: Salad in 2 white pita with a small amount of mayo, 3 small glasses of water, 1 pear and some grapes

Dinner: Mushroom and pepper bulger pilaf (A Vegan Taste of the Middle East), 4 small glasses of water, 2 dates, a few small bits of dark chocolate whilst baking cupcakes.

Evening: Cup of earl grey tea with soya milk and 2 peanut butter cupcakes (La Dolce Vegan)


Breakfast: Cinamon and Raisin Bagel, 2 cups of black coffee

Lunch: Small bowl of parsnip and butterbean soup, 1 white pita bread, 3 small glasses of water, 3/4 of an apple and a few grapes

Dinner: Macaroni with uncheese and a tiny bit of marj, 3 small glasses of water, 2 dates

Evening: Bowl of popcorn with small amount of marj on it, cup of camomile tea


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