So, Knitting….

Sorry for the delay, I spent yesterday afternoon in the company of Sydney Bristow, SD6 and the CIA and totally flaked on taking the photos, whoops…

I have actually been knitting, I’m making some good progress on projects which is nice as I still intend to finish off what I’ve got on the needles at the moment before starting anything else big (with the exception of a plain sweater either for Little One or NBAT for me when I finish either Arisaig or Clover).

Clover is stalled, the current plan is to finish off the back of Arisaig and then knit the front of Clover when I can concentrate fully on it. I think it was the lack of concentration that lead to all the mistakes last time. I may drag it out and do the rib and the 5 inches or so of straight pattern with some tv viewing soon but beyond that I will wait until I have a clear head and the work right through the increases and decreases to get it done and make sure I have it all written out on a nice big sheet of paper in clear terms so I don’t miss anything!

This is the back of Arisaig so far:

Image Hosted by

Both sleeves are done and I’m at 19.5 inches and ready to start doing the shoulder decreases. I had to play about a bit with the numbers etc to get the pattern to work with my gauge but I don’t think I’ve done anything fatal and I’m confident that it will all fit together in the end! (Jodi did you see the post about the sleeves? Basically there are no changes and it should all be hunky dorey.)

This is the front band and a sleeve to show you the colours together as I don’t think I’ve ever posted a photo of the bands when I knit them:

Image Hosted by

Hopefully I will keep going with this sweater and get it done, I’d hate to stall on it again…

The socks are limping along slowly. I haven’t touched the Spine Stitch sock at all and I’ve done about 3 pattern repeats on the Wavey Sock. I need to get going with them really as I want to knit some fun socks and these are holding me back. I am enjoying the Wavey socks though, it’s just second sock syndrome that’s bugging me. I may invest in a second pair of 2.25mm needles and do the knit one cuff, then the other cuff, turn one heel, turn the other heel, knit one foot, then the other foot, trick so that I don’t get stuck like this again! I already have 2 sets of 2.75mm and 3.25mm so I can do that in the future when using those needles.

I finished another Alien on the Alien Illusion Scarf. I only pick this up now and again and I don’t know why because it’s an enjoyable easy knit. I do have to knit it with the chart on my lap though which can be a bit annoying but I intend to press on with it, 4 more Aliens to go!

The Lotus Blossom Shawl looks like this now:

Image Hosted by

The colours in that photo are a much better representation than the last photo I posted. I am almost done with chart 4 and there are 2 more charts after that, so it’s coming along nicely! The rows are getting really long though so it takes me almost half an hour to do a pattern and the purl row after it but I’m trying to do at least 2 rows a day if I can to keep it moving.

Hmmm, what else….

Little One’s sweater is flying along. I’ve knit the back and both sleeves, although in reality it’s only 2/3 of each of those as you join them together and then knit the yoke in the round. I realised the other day what a pain in the ass it’s going to be to work out the yoke when I change the gauge for it, but I’m putting off thinking about that until I have the last piece knit up! We’ve got 3 tv shows ready to watch tonight so I should make some good progress on it.

Image Hosted by

It’s on 4.5mm needles so it’s pretty fast going, I think the colours do look really nice together as well, it’s a pity that I don’t think it would be worth the effort to knit another adult size sweater using this yarn.

On a side note, has anyone knit a Ribby Cardi using CottonEase? I have lots of bright orange coming and I don’t know whether to knit Samus or try a Ribby with it, opinions?

As for the Tussah Silk, from what I’ve read and discussions I’ve had with people I don’t truly believe that it is a vegan yarn. Silk worms still die in it’s production (I can’t honestly believe that they don’t just grab what they can find whether the moth has left the cocoon or not), although they can’t be ‘domesticated’ the worms are still loosely farmed and also it is an animal product. For me to say that Tussah Silk fit into my idea of veganism I would also have to say that honey and wool were ok, and I don’t believe they are. I’m glad that I have looked into this though and have thought it through before just taking the ‘vegan’ tag as a given and spending money on the yarn, there are plenty of other yarns I’ve not tried yet that will keep me busy for a good long time and I still love love love cotton so I’m not unhappy with my knitting choices! Just want to point out that this is my blog, my ideas and my vegan journey, everyone is entitled to make up their own minds, opinions being what they are.

Today was a football day so I got about 6 hours all to myself. I did some work and a little bit of knitting and tv watching! Tomorrow will be a quick allotment visit and then a friend and one of her girls is coming for lunch and a local museum visit which should be great, we all really enjoy seeing them so I’m looking forward to it.

Here’s this weekend’s Random 10 from the MP3 player:

1. Asking For It – Hole – Live Through This
2. Ecstasy – PJ Harvey – 4 Track Demos
3. Baby I Love Your Way – Big Mountain – Reality Bites Soundtrack
4. Moving The Goalposts – Billy Bragg – Must I Paint You A Picture?
5. Dilate – Ani Difranco – Dilate
6. Credit In The Straight World – Hole – Live Through This
7. King Of The Road – Dean Martin – The Best…. With Friends Album
8. Last Dance – The Cure – Disintegration
9. Holiday In Harlem – Ella Fitzgerald – Diva’s Compilation
10. That Last Day Of Our Acquaintance – Sinead O’Connor – I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got

Food Log:


Breakfast: Bowl of granola with soya milk, 2 cups of black coffee

Lunch: Fruity Vegetable Pilaf (small portion of leftovers from freezer), 1 white pita bread, 3 small glasses of water, 1 banana, cup of spearmint and chamomile tea and packet of barbecue soya crisps.

Dinner: Baked potato with baked beans and uncheese plus a bit of margarine, 4 small glasses of water, 1 chocolate chip cookie as posted by Dreena on her recipe site, they’re yummy, I may well have a second one later as I only made 9 and I can’t see DH leaving them in the tin for long!


Breakfast: Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel with margarine, 2 cups of black coffee (all hail the fresh coffee, I ran out ages ago and couldn’t afford more until payday so I’ve been drinking stuff from a jar!).

Lunch: Curried Lentils (small portion of leftovers from freezer) with 1 white pita bread, 3/4 of an apple, 3 small glasses of water

Dinner: 2 dates, Earthy Lentil Soup (Vive La Vegan) and Soda Bread (La Dolce Vegan), 4 small glasses of water

Evening: Bowl of popcorn with margarine (less popcorn and less margarine than previously) cup of spearmint and chamomile herbal tea (my favourite herbal tea to date!)


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