Not Much To Report

Yesterday I didn’t do a lot of knitting besides working on Little One’s sweater, I’m about 15cms into it, have to get to 25cms before I decrease for the armholes so there’s a bit of knitting left on it. I’ve worked out how to get the right number of stitches when I pick up for the yoke but I now need to figure out the decreasing, I will have to try that when I have time on my own to think, a calculator and a really big piece of paper to write on!

I’ve gone back to my mega list making again, I was doing really well before Christmas and achieving a lot by using the lists each week. I tend to make a couple of week’s lists at a time so I can say first week do the cuff of the sock, second week finish the sock and suchlike, it helps me see what I want to do with my time rather than just sitting on my ass in front of the tv or the computer. Ok, so I can do the knitting in front of the computer or the tv, but the sewing, work and other bits that I want to achieve really do get done when I have a piece of paper to consult. It’s such a great thing to cross off the last thing on the list and toss it in the bin, lol.

Saying that I just got Series 2 of Alias that I won on Ebay in the post so I may disappear into the sewing cave and just do knitting for a few days while I submerge myself in unrealistic but none the less exciting television! I’ve not seen past the first 12 episodes of this series so no spoilers please! Do you believe some idiot actually put a spoiler in their Ebay ad for Series 3, really annoyed me and I’m trying to forgot what it said.

Reducing Progress: 2lbs lost this week, weight now 197lbs, total weight lost 3lbs. I’m happy that I lost more than a pound this week although I probably shouldn’t have with what I’ve eaten! I know that the slower it comes off the better for your body and the easier it is to maintain it but it’s kind of depressing to watch everything you eat and only see a 1lb difference at the end of the week, at 1lb a week it would take me 29 weeks to get down to my first ‘lowest’ goal where I intend to decide whether to keep going or maintain…. That seems like a really really long time!

Food log.


Breakfast: Onion bagel with margarine, 2 cups of black coffee

Lunch: Sweetcorn chowder with a white roll with margarine and 3 small glasses of water.

Dinner: Student pasta, this is basically what I almost lived on at University when I was dead poor, I’d buy healthy food until the money ran out and then it was back onto the pasta. I stirred through some tomato puree, garlic puree, onion powder and EV Olive Oil (at Uni I’d use margarine instead of the olive oil) and then put a bit of vegan Parmesan on top, it’s yummy and filling and I didn’t overdo the pasta either which I was proud of.

Mind you, yesterday I did snack more than I have in 2 weeks. I had some really lovely chili and lemon corn nuts we found at the Chinese Supermarket, a chocolate chip cookie (they’re all gone now!) and a peanut crunchy bar which is about the only candy I ever really eat, it’s about 175 calories though so not as terrible as something like a Snickers would be! There are still corn nuts left calling me…


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