Pretty Quiet

I’m moving slowly on stuff at the moment for some reason, although I do appear to be getting things done! I finished my long list last week, but there wasn’t any real knitting stuff on it besides finishing those blue socks and doing chart 4 of the Lotus Blossom Shawl. This week I’ve got finishing the cuff of the Spine Stitch Sock and Chart 5 of the shawl.

I made a pair of yoga pants yesterday from a Jalie pattern, they came out really well but unfortunately I didn’t realise that the pattern didn’t have any ease in it so they don’t leave much to the imagination! However, I’m slowly getting smaller so one day they will fit me I’m sure! I’m working on a shirt at the moment that not only is for summer (it’s freezing here at the moment!) but also probably won’t fit either, but at least it will be another thing finished from the never ending box of sewing!

I have admitted to knitting NBAT on my WIP list now that I’ve finished the back of it! It’s very easy tv knitting so I pull it out when we’re watching a movie or I want to pay attention to the tv. I still haven’t decided whether I want to put something on the front. I have in my mind that I’d like some kind of a retro shapes picture but I can’t think of what I might do…

I’m almost done with Little One’s circular yoke sweater. Please stop me if I ever say I’m going to try to re-gauge a pattern like this, I’ve got pages and pages of notes and numbers from trying to figure out what to do! I’ve probably not done it any traditional method at all but hopefully it will look ok. I’m hoping to finish the knitting tonight on it and then I just have side seams to sew before it’s all done. A friend leant me a Rowan kids book that has 2 patterns in it that I’d like to make for Little One, the first being a vest, but I’m not sure whether I will have enough yarn. I could do contrasting neckband and armhole ribbing if need be, anyway I’ll be casting on for that stashbuster once the yoke sweater is done and dusted.

Think that’s about it besides Clover coming along slowly, I’ve got 2 inches before I start decreasing on the first front.

If you’re interested in the food stuff I’ve started another blog called Vegan Food For Thought which you can find via the link on the top right side, my food log will move there from now on along with anything else about veganism or food I feel like jabbering on about, hope to see some of you there!


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