Sweater With Circular-ribbed Yoke FO

What a bloody stupid name for a sweater. Anyway, this is the finished object. Sorry it’s so blurry, you try and get a hyperactive over-tired almost 3 year old to stand still and show me your photographic results!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The pattern is from Knitting In Vogue 3 and the yarn is more of the Toddler Aran, I’m now down to under a full ball of each colour so they will be on their way to the charity shop as I feel I’ve used up enough of it. I re-worked the gauge on the pattern and the yoke almost killed me. I have the right number of rows but I think that somewhere I should have worked in another set of decreases. I don’t think it looks too awful though so I’m going to live with it and take the lessons I learnt!

Still chugging along on everything else and trying not to cast on anything new. I may let myself start another plain stashbusting sweater for Little One (either a vest of a plain sweater, both using up the hemp/wool) but if I use the patterns I’d like to I will need to re-jig gauge again and I think I need a short break before getting my head into the numbers again so NBAT might get a bit more love in the meantime.

I’m really annoyed this afternoon as 2 people were supposed to show up and collect stuff I put on Freecycle and neither of them have shown. So now I have to move it back out of the way again and find new homes, luckily I have back-up people wanting it all but it’s really frustrating when people don’t show up when they say they will, they shouldn’t have emailed to ask for it if they weren’t prepared to make the trip and get it…

Enough moaning, off to spend some money I think to break this mood….


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