Nothing But A T-Shirt FO

Finished sewing this up this morning and I’m very pleased with the way it came out.

Image Hosted by

Of course the colours are slightly off it still being winter here and all, but you get the idea. The sleeves are perfect, just how I wanted them to be. I cast on and did the cuff as per the pattern and then knit straight for 19.5 inches before going back to the pattern and following all instructions. I got the length by measuring the sleeves of the Hourglass Sweater which has the best length for me, so now I know that 20″ sleeves make me happy.

I made the sweater a 40″ chest on purpose which is a bit small for me at the moment. The shoulders fit well and the length is great, I just need to loose a few more pounds before I can wear it with confidence.

I have 2 3/4 balls of the dark purple and about half a ball of the light if anyone wants to do a yarn swap with me for it as I don’t think I’ll use it for anything. Calmer is not my favourite yarn, after making 2 projects with it now I doubt I’ll ever buy anymore, it’s not bad but nowhere near worth the price they charge for it in my opinion. I got the purple off Ebay about half price and even that was expensive, but at least I’ve tried it out and made up my own mind.

I’d already started my next easy knitting project which is Retro Prep. I’m using more of the Patons Coral for it, this time the orange, and it’s my easy tv knitting. I need to get some 3.75mm dpns before I can do the sleeves but there’s plenty of body to be knit before I need them.

I’ve finished one front of Clover and have cast on twice now for the second front and messed it up both times, hopefully I will get that right soon. I’ve also done the ribbing for the first front of Arisaig and then messed the start of the patterning up but that was easy to rip back and fix and I didn’t loose any of the ribbing thank goodness! I’ve blocked the sleeves and back of Clover to inspire me to finish, I’m not casting on anything else until I have finished that sweater, it’s stupid how long it’s been on the needles and is driving me crazy.

I have 2 pattern rows and 2 wrong side purl rows of the Lotus Blossom Shawl and then just the bobble bind off to do and it’s complete. I’m going to go and do those rows in a minute and read the instructions for the bobble bind off but I’m not sure if I’ll attempt it today. So if I can get it blocked there will be another fo next week for you to see. I’m not sure which shawl to cast on next (after doing Clover of course) out of those in my ‘Coming Soon’ list, Diamond Fantasy is calling me but then I’d like to try the Elfin lace but the 2.5mm needles are putting me off (plus I need that size needles for the rib at the bottom of the second side of Arisaig).

Can I just express my frustration with the new issue of IK please? There are several projects I adore in there and would love to cast on for right away if I could get the right yarn. However the yarn called for in the patterns is excitingly vegan in many cases but so incredibly stupidly overpriced for tiny balls (70 yards in a ball, come on, please…) that there is no way I could afford to use the yarn called for.

My not so quick review of this issue is as so:

Breezy Cables – I’m not big on cables but I actually like this, although I’d take the bobbles out. Not at the top of my to do list but perhaps one day.

Bobble Blue – I like the shape and the style but hate the bobbles and think the yarn is too bulky for this type of sweater, not for me.

Caftan Pullover – I love this, although I would omit the buttons which make it look like there are pockets all the way down the front. It takes over 2,000 yards of yarn though which is startling and I can’t afford soy silk for it to replace the real silk it calls for… Maybe some linen might work but too expensive to knit right now.

Saddle Seam Pullover – not my cup of tea and DH doesn’t like patterned sweaters anyway.

Sunrise Circle Jacket – I didn’t like this from the online picture but I really do like it now. Not sure what kind of yarn I’d sub, maybe a linen again.

One Piece Lace Pullover – ick.

Waterlily Top – ick and makes the skinny models’ hips look wider than mine, never a good sign…

Seeing Dots Cardigan – cute, but I have no little girls to knit for.

Trellis Scarf – Could the pictures of this be worse? It seems ok but who knows from the dark blurry pictures?

Aran Rose- Can’t decide on this, sometimes I like it sometimes I don’t. I don’t like the garter stitch neckline or the short length, I also abhor knitting stitches like rice stitch so I will pass.

Anyone wish that Elann would find a new sweater to show in their ads? We all know about the Ribby Cardi by now thanks all the same….

Simply Lovely Lace Socks – cute.

Rib and Cable Mits – may use some leftovers for these at some point.

Drop Stitch Hoodie – This is a great cardigan that is ruined by the details the designer tried to add. I will probably make this one day but I will take out the zips in the sleeves and do a short stand up collar rather than the hideous hood the pattern calls for.

Wobbly Circles Tote – cute but I don’t felt.

Prairie Tunic – In my opinion unless you have tiny boobs like the model I wouldn’t knit this pattern. It’s sweet but not for the busty girls like me I don’t think.

Pullover Flair – I love this and wanted to knit it as soon as I saw it but I can’t find the yarn anywhere online, it’s listed that JCA supply it but it’s not on their website. I will be keeping an eye out for yarn for this sweater for sure.

Mandarin Blouse – I love this but it’s horribly expensive even though it has short sleeves… I will try and find a sub one day for it.

Bridgetown Belt-Bag – I have large enough hips without hanging my wallet and phone from them thanks all the same.

Piocot Camisole – Again, in my opinion, cute but not for busty me. Also, does it look like to anyone else but me like the shoulder straps are in the wrong place, I think they should be more where the bra straps are to hold the top up properly and not mean you have to pull them back on your shoulders all the time.

Pom Pom Fingerless Mits – not bad without the pom poms.

Streakers Shrug – When I saw this my first thought was ‘aren’t we done with shrugs yet?’. I don’t think the cuffs match the rest of the garment, not for me.

Subscribers Only Fair Isle Rib Zip Jacket – I like this a lot and will be adding it to my ‘yarn to find’ list for sure.

Finally, it looks like the person who did the pictures for the WIP thing I use may have deleted them or moved them, can anyone suggest another place I can get WIP progress trackers with pictures? Thanks!


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