I finished off the Lotus Blossom Shawl last night and pinned it out this afternoon and I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed with it…

I made a mistake near the top that has resulted in a rather large hole (much bigger than the hole that is supposed to be there), I think I can fix it by some tricky knotting together of a couple of bits of the yarn and prayers that no one notices but it’s annoying.

Also, even more incredibly annoying, I messed up my counting on the bobble bind off and my bobbles not only don’t line up where they’re supposed to but the sides don’t match… Plus the bobbles look like crap…

All these things may fade away when it’s not pinned out and exposed but it’s a little upsetting after all that work to be disappointed with it rather than excited, especially after the relief when I saved the shawl from disaster last night when I pulled through the yarn to bind off the final stitch and the yarn broke leaving me with live stitches jumping out all over the place, not really what I needed…

Anyway, there will be pics when it’s dry and I’ve attempted to fix the hole. If I were anywhere near confident enough I’d be ripping out the bind off and trying again, but I’m not and I stupidly removed the safety line I’d put in before I checked that it was all ok, I was just so relieved that it was done, next time I won’t be so rash.

Any of you vegan knitters out there want 6 balls of mock mohair yarn? I’ve no idea of yardage and it’s not made anymore so I can’t find out, but it doesn’t look like bad yarn and it should be enough for a sweater, it’s just not in my plans to knit it so I may as well have the space back. Give me a shout if you want to swap it for something (nothing big, I won it on Ebay!).

I’ve also still got the Sheep Shawl pattern that I’d like to swap for another shawl pattern if anyone has anything they want to offer.


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