Short Week

Well, the Sewing Week was shortened due to illness, I came down with a cold on Thursday and just couldn’t manage to do much at all. I did sort through the box of stuff I had out to make and re-stash stuff I didn’t feel like making anymore plus I made a list of what I needed (zips, interfacing etc) to finish off the projects I still did want to do. Friday I intended to go to my favourite fabric shop and pick up the things on my list but I didn’t feel well enough to drive there and to fight with Little One all around the shop so we didn’t go. That afternoon I felt so out of it I went to bed for a nap in the afternoon which I don’t do very often!

Saturday DH took me to the fabric shop and I got everything I wanted plus some fabric for another skirt, a shirt and a bag so that was nice. I didn’t even look at the yarn section as I really don’t need any more and Little One had had enough and I was flagging and still needed to go to the supermarket! The afternoon found me so spaced that I sat on the sofa watching rugby (I’ve not watched rugby for years!) too tired to even knit…

Today I did manage to do some sewing. I made myself 2 pairs of summer pj bottoms from jersey (sort of my version of dishcloth knitting, easy and mindless work), that at least got 2 pieces of fabric off the ‘to do’ pile. I also cut out the second pair of shorts for Little One so I will try and get those and one other thing sewn next week, but I really need to do some work work as well.

On the knitting front I have finished the body section of Retro Prep up to where the yoke needs to start and am about 2 inches into the first sleeve. Everything else has basically been on hold as it requires me to have my brain operational. I did cast on for yet another project, it’s Unbiased from Knitting using the banana yarn I bought off Ebay. I really like the way it looks but it’s very hard to knit, I’m using 2 colours and the spinner of one of them must have been new on the job as it’s awful to work with, the other colour is much more even. Anyway, I’ve finished one of the sections (you do 4 bits and sew them together) and am 2/3 up the second bit. As I tend to do I didn’t comprehend the measurements when I read them so it’s smaller than I had pictured it. I have thought of a few ways I could make it slightly bigger if I feel I need to when I’m done and if I have enough yarn, we’ll see what I feel like when it’s done. I also have to reverse the shaping on 2 pieces as the pattern is written with there being no wrong side to the knitting but as I’m doing stripes there is a wrong side, luckily I figured it out quite quickly so I should feel fine.

Little One now has the cold, hopefully he’ll recover fast though, he tends not to be ill for long.

Thanks for all your nice comments, I’m sorry I’ve not been well enough to respond directly to everyone but I love getting them so please don’t stop! I promise I’ll get back to responding when my brain begins to work at a slightly faster rate!


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