I Swear To God

This damn Clover Wrap doesn’t want to be knit. I have been knitting this cardigan for OVER A YEAR now, can you believe that???

I decided that I’ve had enough of it, I have 1 piece left and I just want it finished. I amazingly still like the cardigan, I’d like to wear it, I’m just fed up to the back teeth with knitting it. I think it’s the pattern that bugs me, it gives you stitch counts where you couldn’t count them because you’ve already started to decrease somewhere else, you have to decrease both sides at the same time which would be fine if you were given any stitch counts at crucial stages so you knew you were heading in the right direction, and after all that it has the dreaded ‘reverse shaping’ for the second front. It was frustrating enough doing it the RIGHT way, let along BACKWARDS…. I am working off a piece of paper where I re-wrote the instructions in a way I can understand them and it’s still hard on the brain.

So, this afternoon as I’m still suffering from the cold I decided to watch The Hours and work on the damn sweater (isn’t Claire Danes to die for, I love that woman). I start the waist increases and am thinking all is well, after the next clover repeat, I say to myself, I will check the measurement because when I get to 7″ I have to cast off 4 stitches and start the neck decreasing. When I do finally measure the damn thing I’m at 8.5″, I have no idea how that happened as I wasn’t knitting for long at all…. So I rip it back to a point that measured correct for the decreases only to find when I’ve got all the stitches back on the needles that I’m actually now HALF AN INCH SHORTER than I need to be, it makes no damn sense at all….

I am going to finish this god damn stupid bloody irritating cardigan if it kills me (and it may just). I have 1 ball of yarn left out of the 10 I started with, I’m almost there, very very soon I will start decreasing every row, and then soon after that it’s twice on every row and it will start getting quicker and quicker to do the rows. If I’m lucky I may even manage to end up with the same amount of stitches as the first side and it may look even, but I won’t hold my breath on that one. I’ve promised myself when I get to the armhole decreases I will block the first front, all the other pieces are blocked and ready to go so I’m even closer to a finish.

I just can’t believe it’s taken this long….. Please pray for a quick completion, I don’t think I can take much more.

Ok, it’s definitely not my day, next door’s horrible stupid short dog has barked all day (it normally does that but today it’s really got to me), Little One just ripped a hole in the knee of some trousers I made him and the spell checker in Blogger won’t work, so excuse any mistakes. I’m going to go and hide in a hole and hope the world starts being nicer to me soon…


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