Don’t Worry

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Despite what it looks like, it’s all under control!

This was my view of Retro Prep yesterday morning. I’d finished 1 sleeve and was moving the body and the sleeve onto the larger circular needle so that I didn’t need more than the 4 stitch holders I had free. So there were 3 lots of needles at play there, 2 circulars and a set of dpns, along with quite a few stitch markers and the said stitch holders, for a few minutes I was a bit confused but it appears I did actually know what I was doing and now all I need to do is knit another sleeve and then I can add that and go round and round and round until it’s done, I do enjoy a good sweater in the round! I am now about an inch into the second sleeve, shouldn’t take too long to get that finished hopefully.

So, yesterday I bought a couple of patterns online from this blog for vests. I have discovered that I actually have yarn, pink yarn at that, which will work for the diamond vest so that’s been added to one of the drawers full of projects and I’m excited about it, I managed not to cast on for it in a fit of enthusiasm too which was good going for me!

Can anyone point me in the direction of a nice summer top that uses yarn with a gauge of 24/32 over 4 inches on US 4-6? I am in lust for this yarn, and also this colour or even this one of it, but I don’t have a project that fits so I’m looking for a pattern before I buy. A tank top or something with cap sleeves would be great as I don’t want to spend that much, and also I think too much of this yarn could induce headaches for both wearer and those looking at her!

In case you study my sidebar I would like to explain the jump in completedness of the Alien Illusion Scarf. I went to rip it out the other night as I realised that it being in acrylic I wasn’t bound to wear it much so it was a bit of a waste of time. I then had a look at the length and figured out that if I knit just 1 more alien, making a total of 3, it will be long enough for a 3 year old to wear next winter. As I have huge balls of yarn that I’m working from I can make him a hat and gloves in the same colours and he will look very cool and be able to scare his nursery friends with his disappearing aliens scarf, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m about 10 stripes into the final alien so hopefully I can get it done this week and then do some fringe on it to finish it off and tick another thing off the list as done and dusted (and then add 2 more projects in the form of gloves and hat, opps…).

Right, off to fight Clover some more, gave up on her yesterday but I’m ready for the battle again now!


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