Bloody Hell, Kathie Winkle!

That’s not normally what I mutter when scanning the piles of crap that are in the charity shop around the corner from my house (a fair bit of it is my old crap!) but yesterday I had a score.

You see, dear Readers, I have been watching and bidding on a fair bit of retro china recently on Ebay. I have decided that I’m into the whole serving dish thing and so I’ve begun collecting, but only bargains, much as I’d love some Home Maker I just can’t afford it. I’ve done ok, got a few nice pieces for cheap and one of the designers I have been watching is called Kathie Winkle. She did designs in the late 50’s and early 60’s from what I can gather, working for a company called Broadhurst, some of the designs are pretty dire but many others are lovely. I haven’t got much of her stuff but I intend to keep buying here and there.

Anyway, back to the crappy charity shop where I found 2 Kathie Winkle tea plates in the Rushstone design, as so:

Image Hosted by

Obviously these were kept by a collector as on the back are signs that they were on those funny plate stands

Image Hosted by

and there was a load of other china and collectors teapots in the shop as well, I imagine that someone has died and, sadly, their family didn’t know what to do with the stuff besides give it to the charity shop. There were some other teaplates that were lovely but chipped so I passed on them.

I also picked up 3 coasters which look like this:

Image Hosted by

We have had crappy rubber ones that I’ve grown out of in the living room so they have now been replaced with these which are marked English Ironstone Tableware Ltd and are much more pleasing to the eye. The more I look at these the more I like them so I’m really glad I ignored the ‘do you really NEED them’ voice in my head.

The best bit, of course, was the price. 5 pieces of china set me back a whole 50p, that’s about 85c for those of you using dollars, score!

I’m working away on Clover, I’m at about 10 inches, need 12.75 before the raglan starts and things really speed up but I’m getting there thank goodness. My goal is to finish this off asap and then work on some of the other things that are close to being completed so hopefully the next few weeks should see some FO’s on this blog, I’ve not have many this year and I feel like I’m lagging!


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