How’s that for a creative title? Got a few things that I want to get down and no single title covers them all.

I got DH to take a photo of me in the A Line Skirt as so:

Image Hosted by

Yes, the flip flops and tank top were just to show what it would look like in the summer, the hand knitted socks and sweater returned to my person soon after! And just to show how different one person can look wearing a differently fitted garment this is my Sew I Knit skirt:

Image Hosted by

I love that skirt and it came out really well but I can’t believe how bad it makes me look! I know the photo is bad so he’s another bad photo of the pattern front and the fabric so you can get a tiny bit more of an idea what kind of garment it is:

Image Hosted by

I could not for the life of me figure out the first step of the instructions, I couldn’t even tell which piece they were talking about and I ended up emailing the company who designed the pattern. They were great and got back to me within 24 hours with a clear explanation which was lovely but I still think that if someone who’s been sewing as long as I have can’t figure that out then they need to re-word the pattern a bit to make it clearer.

In finished knitting news I completed the Toddler Alien Illusion Scarf:

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

For those of you who notice those things, yes I did mess up a row and you can see it below the mouth of the alien closest to the camera in the third photo, but by the time I noticed it I wasn’t going back to fix it for anyone! This was really fun to knit and if I could find a nice soft yarn to knit one for myself I’d be tempted. It passed the Little One test as when I showed it to him he immediately put it on and he went ‘ohhh’ and laughed when I showed him the aliens!

Lets see, what else?

Oh yes, I wanted to put in some sewing tips for those of you who might give a damn and who may be new to sewing. These items I can not live without when I sew:

Image Hosted by

1. Washable marking pen. This pen leaves blue marks on your fabric but when you dab the mark with a wet cloth it disappears, magic! I use this pen to mark where seams need to go when I can’t use the marks on the machine, where darts are supposed to be, notches and suchlike and it makes sewing a whole lot easier. I overlock the edges of all the garment pieces before I sew them to stop unravelling and generally keep the inside of the garment neat so I tend to chop off the notches when I do that, but a few blue dots and I’m away!

2. Hem marking ruler. I seriously can’t live without this. I lost if for 2 weeks once and didn’t sew a stitch until it was back in my hot little hands. It just comes in so handy for marking anything you need to measure and the slidy up and down bit means that even if you’re a bit off in your measuring when you do a hem or whatever that the whole thing will be the same and off by that tiny bit.

3. My iron. I don’t iron as a rule but whenever I sew the first thing I do is put the iron on. Seriously people, you wouldn’t not block your knitting so why aren’t you blocking your sewing? Same damn thing. Iron every seam, both sides, iron up your hem, when it says ‘turn up’ iron it up, that way it won’t move and you can see what it will look like. When you’re sewing knits keep the steam coming. You can steam knits back into shape and it’s almost like you washed them and they shrunk back without having to take the hours to do it. I didn’t believe how much better my sewing would look with the ironing until I tried it and I’m begging you to do the same, it makes everything you make look that much better that it’s worth setting up the ironing board.

This afternoon I went to the box of sewing projects waiting to be made and I took out all the fabric and patterns and put them away. Sewing is supposed to be fun damn it and I was feeling all under pressure like I couldn’t sew anything ‘new’ unless it came from the box and if I did I was feeling guilty. Yes, the olive stretch capri fabric will no doubt become a pair of trousers, possibly even using the pattern that I’d matched them up to but I just don’t feel like it right now, so away it went. I still have a full box of stuff, but it’s stuff that I want to make, pjs for Little One, a shirt and jacket that are cut out for me, 2 summer outfits for Little One, a summer shirt for me, a bag and a dressing gown (robe) for me. I will get to those when I feel like it though, just because they’re out doesn’t mean that they have to come first. To make a point I picked out fabric and have half sewn another A Line Skirt from the Betsy Ross pattern!

And I shall finish with a question. What side is a zip supposed to be on for a woman’s skirt (when it’s not at the back?). I’ve worn so many men’s shirts that I have no idea about which side buttons go on anymore let alone side zips. I thought it was the left side but following the instructions on the Betsy Ross pattern it comes out on the right unless I’ve done something odd which is entirely possible.

I’m rambling nonsensically now so I shall depart and leave you all in peace.

PS The snow is all gone now….


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