As We All Agreed

That the A Line skirt looked much better, I went ahead and made another one! Thanks for all your comments by the way, I really do love hearing them and appreciate them!

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Luckily instead of just chopping 2 sizes off my traced pattern I measured the pattern and discovered that each size you go down takes a full inch off the waist. I went down just 1 size and this one fits me just fine. I also put the zip up higher so that I didn’t have to put a hook and eye on, I hate those damn things, I can never get them sewn on in the right place and then I can’t get them open, ick.

This fabric I bought at Ikea a few years back, I must remember not to wear it there shopping! I have heard that they have some nice cottons in at the moment so I must take MIL out for a trip and check it out, I’d like to make some aprons and suchlike and they have nice thick cotton which would work well!

I think I figured out what I did with the zip (although not knowing my left from my right without thinking about it probably doesn’t help much…), I think when I looked at which side to sew it I was looking with the skirt inside out which meant I stuck it on the wrong side. I will try it the other side next time but from the way I’m reading the pattern (although may I remind you how bad I am with comprehending instructions, reading them don’t mean I’ve actually understood them) the flap that covers the zip will come from the back to the front which I think looks backwards. Anyway, I could be horribly wrong and this skirt is pretty much reversible so it doesn’t matter if I put it in and have to wear it backwards!

It is a shame about the pink skirt. However, I don’t think all is lost, I have a feeling that with a long drapey maternity t-shirt (no I’m not!) it will look fine, so I will stick it in my box with the other maternity bits I have, there is plenty of room ‘for growth’ in the skirt and the longer t-shirt should cover the funny sides which I think are caused by the pockets. I did wonder whether to put the pockets in or not and I wish I hadn’t now but we live and learn! I have plenty of other skirt patterns to try, almost all of them are flared or leaning towards A Line so I’m confident that I’ll have more hits than misses.

My knitting hasn’t made much progress this week, not sure why, although my hands have been hurting a bit recently, especially when working with the banana silk yarn on Unbiased, so I’m wondering if subconsciously I’ve laid off the knitting until they feel better. I have done a few inches on the Shoalwater Shawl and it’s looking good, I’m also just an inch and a half short of finishing the second Retro Prep sleeve. My goal for the rest of this week is to finish the second front of Clover and get that sucker blocked. I have about an inch until I start decreasing both sides and then it will fly by up the raglan.

I have cut out a pair of summer cotton pjs for Little One (I seem to make a whole lot of pj’s huh?) plus about 5 handkerchiefs for him that need to be hemmed now, he’s been using DH’s and they’re a bit huge for him so I thought it would be nice for him to have some kiddie ones that are smaller and as I had leftover fabric from the pjs he has 5 now and will have more from the other set of pjs when I make them. I’ve got more patterns coming from my ‘source’ in California who buys them in the Joanne’s dollar sale for me and then sends them over so I think I will wait until they arrive before picking out something new for me, I’ve got plenty of bits for Little One to get made up.

I have to say I’m really enjoying all this sewing, I looked in my closet the other day and realised that the majority of shirts I own I have made and that I now own 5 skirts, all of which I’ve made! I am wondering if I can make almost all of Little One’s summer clothes. I don’t see the point in making plain cheap t-shirts that we can buy for £1 (I do make plain t-shirts I’ve dyed to match other fabric so that the colours are the same) and jeans are too thick for my machine, but the other bits I should be able to manage. I would love to make almost all my own clothes as well so I am going to keep working towards that goal, lord knows there’s enough fabric in that room to clothe us all for several years!


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