Quilting, Who Knew???

I was pretty convinced my next crafty hobby was going to be tapestry. I bought the Kaffe Fassett book from a local charity shop, I knew which designs I really liked (the vegetables) and that I wanted to do them in cotton rather than wool due to my veganism. I was planning on taking a trip into town to try and purchase tapestry fabric, needles, a hoop thing (the technical term!) and the cottons.

Then I kind of got caught up on Ebay with quilting fabric after doing a search for Kaffe Fassett and seeing some of his fabulous fabric designs. I am not a fan of Kaffe’s knitting, it’s far too busy for me and knitting it would probably drive me mad, but the patchwork and the tapestry I can relate to, well, a fair bit of it anyway!

Apparently I have a thing for pansies that I didn’t know about…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The left 2 are Kaffe Fassett, the third from the left is Liberty and the last one is Hoffman.

I am trying to limit myself to specific colours, the quilts that I like the best are pretty random and all the fabric has in common is a colour family. If I let myself buy stuff randomly I’d never be able to get into my sewing room and we’d possibly starve to death, plus I’d only have enough of anything to make potholders….

So besides the pansies, which will be a long term thing as there aren’t a whole bunch of lovely pansy prints around, I have limited myself to the following:


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This photo stinks, sorry… The left fabric is actually dark pink bordering on red, I can’t remember the designers for these.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I love the novelty prints that you can get, I think it will be fun to do ‘mainstream’ stuff with the novelty things thrown in here and there!

I bought a few more natural fabrics today and one more red, plus I’m watching some more reds and a few more Kaffe prints.

I did go outside my remit when I bought myself this fat quarter:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
It’s Kaffe Fassett again, I am thinking of a bag of some sort, natural coloured maybe with details done in this fabric.

I also have Passionate Patchwork by Kaffe Fassett coming, with postage it cost me £11.50 off Ebay, and it’s £25.00 new plus postage from most places so I’m happy with that! I must slow down now though as I don’t have anywhere to store the fabric at present.

To add to my fabric joy (most of those fabrics have arrived over the last week), I also got these lovely prints from a fabric co-op I’m on:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I have 3 yards of the one on the left and 2 yards of the one on the right. I’m thinking retro shaped summer dress for the 3 yards, it’s a really nice thick cotton and I think it will drape well. In the same box I got 3 yards of pink tie dye stretch terry, I’m thinking yoga pants…

If you’ve not heard of fabric co-ops and you like fabric then you should do a search on Yahoogroups and find some! Not all of them are brilliant but you eventually whittle down to the few that you trust and you know the quality of, I have 2 in particular that I have been a member of long enough that I can ask if stuff is similar quality to x or y I bought before. Most of my fabric comes from co-ops, these cottons cost me $3.25 a yard plus shipping, you just can’t get that price over here…. One of the many many things I’m looking forward to with our move to Portland is flat rate boxes, I see the cheap shipping my fellow co-opers are getting and the fact that they don’t have a 6 week wait while their fabric crosses the ocean on a ship plus paying a fortune in shipping and I’m jealous as hell!

A fabric co-op works the same way as any other co-op, you save money by ordering in bulk, in their case by ordering bolts of fabric at wholesale rates rather than by the yard with a store mark up. There is a fee normally per sale (some charge a flat rate and others by the yard or a percentage of your purchase) to cover their time, gas to the Post Office and shipping supplies and then you pay for your fabric, any shipping costs to the organiser and from them to you and everyone gets a good deal. I recently have bought (it’s not been shipped yet!) some fabric to make myself a suit type retro shaped jacket for $3.25 a yard, a lady on the same group saw the fabric at her local store for $49 a yard (no that’s not a typo)!!! Some co-ops specialise in kids fabrics, some diaper fabrics and some notions, patterns, buttons etc. Some do the hemp/wool yarn, but I’ve yet to find a yarn co-op, the only one I did find closed down soon after I’d joined. There is no way I could support my fabric addiction without co-ops, even with the good prices I get in a local cheap fabric shop, they really are great.

That was so not what I was going to post about but it will do for now! lol


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