New T-Shirt

I made a t-shirt yesterday using this pattern which gets great ratings on Pattern Review.

Image Hosted by

I really like the fit of this and it was so simple, it took me about twice the time that the pattern said it would to sew (45 minutes, you’d have to be on speed and have drunk a whole pot of coffee to get it done that fast!) but it was still an impressive time for a garment that fits so well I think. I could probably get my time down to an hour for this now that I’ve made it once and if I used less drapey fabric that didn’t stick to my incredibly dry hands and I’ll definitely be making it again when I have fabrics with a print that demands a simple garment. This fabric was from my beloved cheap fabric shop and it cost me about £3 (around $5) so I’m more than happy with the outcome.

I didn’t get Clover done, I was busy sewing and doing a bit of gardening, I did finish the second sleeve of Retro Prep though and it’s all on the big circular now and I’ve started the yoke so it shouldn’t take too long to finish now I shouldn’t think.

Didn’t do much else this weekend really except the monthly food shop which I’m sure you don’t want to hear about! I’ve got some work sewing to do this week but I’m also intending to carry on with the personal stuff, I cut out my first bag last night and I’m looking forward to having a go at that this afternoon (it’s Monday, why rush the work stuff?!?). I’m also looking forward to the next challenge from Sew? I Knit! so I can go through the patterns and the stash and find something to make.


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