Ikea Trip

So, what do you do to stop your child destroying your house and driving you to the point where you are ready for a mental breakdown and your head to start spinning around? You go to Ikea and let him jump on all their furniture for a bit, then when he’s tired he will sit in the trolley drawing with their little pencil on some scrap paper while you shop and unwind a bit. That’s where we went yeserday morning and I think we both feel better for it!

Of course, my ulterior motive was to look at the fabric. The Sew? I Knit! project is bags (of course, as I’ve just finished one!). I liked a few bits but I thought the prints were a bit large or a bit loud for what I wanted, or they were too expensive for me to treat myself to, afterall I really don’t need a whole ton of bags, I very rarely go further than the post office around the corner!

I got these 2 fabrics with a project in mind:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I really really really really REALLY want to make this bag:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

using the patterned print as the main outer fabric and the pink for the piping and inner fabric.

Trouble is that I can’t afford the pattern at the moment or the notions that I need to go with it (I could probably afford one or the other!) so I will have to wait a bit on this one I think which is annoying but the way it goes.

I have a couple of bag patterns upstairs and a few more that should arrive within the dates of the sew along so I’ll be fine I’m sure.

I got these 2 fabrics to make tablecloths and napkins from:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

We have a very small table so 1 metre of this 150cm wide fabric will do a tablecloth and 4 small napkins, the fabric was only £1.59 a metre as well so it was a real bargain!

We also got some tablemats so that we now have a set of 4, some potholders as I have a habit of setting mine on fire and getting food all over them, a smallwickerr chair for Little One’s bedroom so he can stop falling off his VW Beetle shaped potty that he stands on to look out the window and a pop-up indoor tent for Little One’s Birthday next month. Not a bad trip! I could have been far worse had I not managed to control myself. Many things were picked up and several items were placed in the trolley before being removed later on, I kept asking myself if I wanted it enough to pay for it to be shipped to Portland and that really helped!


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