Funny Kind of Tablecloth….

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sorry that’s as clear as I could get, it’s very windy here!

When ironing the fabric for the tablecloth I found that there was a hole right in the middle of it, very irritating… Obviously it wouldn’t work as a tablecloth, and as I’d contemplated whether I could use it as a skirt when I bought it I figured I may as well get some use out of it.

The bias binding is from a bag of stuff that my Mother gave me a few months back out of her sewing box when she cleared it out. It is actually leftover from my square dancing dress that she made me in 5th grade, I’ve got a short piece of rik rac in the same shade but unfortunately not enough to use on the skirt. I’ve still got that dress somewhere, I think it’s in the attic, I wondered what the parents who didn’t sew did for their kids…

Anyway, the pattern is the same Betsy Ross one that I’ve been using a lot recently. The zip most definitely comes up on the left hand side of the skirt and I followed the instructions and pictures to the best of my ability.

I’m on the neckband of retro prep so hopefully it will be done tomorrow as it’s just those few rows and then the kitchner under the arms. I’ve not tried it on yet so I’ve no idea if it’s going to fit but I like the way it’s looking, can’t beat a nice bit of orange.

Thanks for all the comments on Clover!


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