Pretty Petals Socks FO

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Finished these off this afternoon, this is another patter by Jeanie Townsend and was as easy to knit as the Westport Waves socks I did. You can find all her patterns at the Townsend Sock KAL on Yahoogroups, they print out into neat little booklets.

Close up of the lace pattern:

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It was a 12 row repeat which I really enjoy knitting, I like knowing how many rows I have left to do and exactly where I am, just knowing that I have another inch and a bit left to go really frustrates me, whereas knowing I have 25 rows left until I turn the heel is encouraging and makes me knit faster! I like doing the foot of the sock without patterning as well, it means that you don’t get bored with the pattern and that once you’re past the heel you have something easy to work on.

The yarn is acrylic hell Bernat Sox but I love the colours so I’ll have to put up with it! I’ve got about another 4 pairs worth of the Bernat to use up yet so you’ll see more of it! It works well on 2.25mm needles and makes a nice dense sock I think.

So, now I just have the bag left to do before I will allow myself to cast on for something new! I need to get going on my sock pal’s socks, I know which pattern I am going to use and now I just need to decide whether to use solid or variegated yarn, I am going to have another good look at her blog before I make up my mind on that one.

The second thing I will cast on for is still up in the air. I’d like it to be something simple, the short list is the Little Black Top, Picovoli or a sweater for little one from Cottonease. Anyone got any requests? lol

I made marmalade yesterday and the damn stuff hasn’t set. It was setting on the spoon and I didn’t go past setting point so I’m really annoyed about it. Anyone know if I can boil it again to see if I can get setting point with it or should I just give up on it? Besides that I’ve not done a lot, Little One is teething and DH is off work so I’ve had interrupted sleep and not even been in my sewing room for about 3 days except to dump stuff in there, the place is a tip! I may try and do some tidying and sewing in there later on.

As for the comments asking how I get ‘so much’ done (thanks as always for the comments!) I can only answer that Clover was a year in the making, Retro Prep took a couple of months of a row or two here and there, the sewing isn’t that difficult really, especially if you use simple patterns, I am a SAHM so I can knit during the day toddler allowing (until recently he’s also slept in the afternoons so that’s when I sewed but he seems to not to that as often now) and you should see the state of my house!


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