Funky Print Shirt

I finished off this shirt last night, I’ve had it cut out forever and never got around to making it for some reason, but I finally did it and it didn’t take that long at all really:

Image Hosted by

This fabric is from my local cheapo fabric shop which I love, it’s got a bit of stretch in it and is a lovely weight. I had some really good finds there when I went every week over the summer, can’t afford to go as often now but I do try and get there once a month at least and normally come home with a few pieces of fabric.

I used more of the buttons from my Great Aunt’s button tin, I’m loving finding buttons to use from her collection and so far I seem to have been able to find exactly what I need for each project I’ve used them on:

Image Hosted by

The pattern is Vogue 2262, it went together pretty well but there were a few bits that I’m not sure I got quite right, I think my collar is on crockedly and also I don’t know if I got the overlap of the fronts quite right, but I think it looks fine and DH and I agreed that people’s eyes will be so confused by the pattern that they won’t notice any mistakes!

I can’t decide what to sew next so I’m surfing rather than sewing this afternoon, hopefully inspiration will strike in the next day or so.

I started on Picovoli and I must have been insane to think I managed to get gauge for it with the yarn I picked so I ripped it out and have started working on Little Black Top from Stitch and Bitch. Once again I’m annoyed with a S&B pattern, so far the patter has said:

– do 2 rows garter stitch and then 5 rows stocking stitch and then the next row is a knit row… Might have been nice if they’d said start the stocking stitch with a purl row rather than the traditional knit…

– After the final decrease (on the right side) it says ‘knit 18 rows ending with a ws row’, anyone figure out how that’s going to work without bending the laws of physics?

Sloppy work again… It’s nice to knit away on simple stocking stitch though, it’s flying by so should be a quick project if I keep it up!

I decided on plain yarn for my sock pal socks but I’ve not cast on for them yet, must get a move on. I did one pattern repeat of Arisaig today,not knit on that in ages, but I need to push on or else it won’t be ready for when we get some summer weather, just got the patterned bit of 1 front and the whole of the second front to do so not very much.

I sewed together the bits of the Unbiased bag and have realised that it’s going to need some changes made to it to make it useable in any way, it dips far too low in the middle to keep anything in it. It also weighs a ton but hopefully it will look so good that I won’t mind heaving it about the place. I’ll take some pictures before I alter it to show you all what I mean!

In case you’re wondering about the marmalade, I added another 8oz of sugar and reboiled it and it’s now set. Of course as I’m incapable of doing just one thing at a time I almost burnt it so it’s a little bit darker than it should be and tastes a little bit caramely but it’s edible so I can live with that! It just needs labels now and to be put away in the larder. Thanks for the advice!


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