Potty Training

If you aren’t interested in a Mother having a bit of a moan about child stuff then skip today’s post, no knitting or sewing to be found here today!

Today I have started again trying to potty train Little One. I have to say that I absolutely hate it and it’s only been 2 hours…. Last time we only lasted an afternoon as he was weeing almost constantly but he now seems to be leaving longer periods between wees so it seemed like a good time to try again (or ‘try try gain’ as he would say).

We have a problem in that Little One likes his nappies (we use cloth nappies) and doesn’t see much point in doing anything differently. He’s happy to lie down and have a clean one put on, he likes to pick which one he’ll wear next and lay it out ready. I don’t mind changing nappies either and, to be honest, it’s much much simpler to have a child in nappies, I don’t have to worry about where the closest toilet is or that we’ll get stuck somewhere with wet trousers and no clean ones (although he has ridden in the car several times with just nappy and wrap and no trousers in the past due to poor parental planning!).

The thing is that he can start nursery 5 mornings a week next month and he would LOVE IT. He didn’t want to leave when we went to have a look and he is so ready for the new experience. He’s not quite 3 and he knows all his numbers up to 10, all his letters and is starting to try and write the letters, some of them he can do quite well. This week he wants to learn days of the week apparently, he’s insisting that today is Tuesday! I am sad that I won’t have him at home full days anymore as I love being with him, but I accept totally that the stimulation is just what he needs now and the range of activities he will be able to do is much wider than I can give him at home.

So, my plan is to try at this for a few days, if he gets too upset by it then we will stop. He’s basically wearing regular underwear with a pull up wrap over the top (I learnt this morning when the wrap is wet not to shake it to turn it inside out so you can wipe it, um, yeah….). The wraps obviously aren’t meant to hold a full toddler wee as we’re now on our third pair of trousers, hopefully the first wrap will be dry by the time we need it again but I will be doing a load of laundry this evening full of trousers, underwear and socks, ick…

The thing with Little One is that when he decides he wants to do it he’ll do it right away and that’s that, but it’s just introducing the idea to him so that he knows that not wearing nappies is an option. This is the child who didn’t sit up until he was a year old, he could, he just didn’t see the point in it and was happy lying on the floor and rolling wherever he wanted to go. Just after his first birthday he went from sitting to standing to walking in few weeks. I’m sure it will be the same with this, when he’s ready the nappies will be boxed up and gone in a very short period of time, but we have to get through this bit first and I hate the mess of it….

Anyone who’s been through this who can offer advice would be great, for some reason my Mother is using the excuse that her youngest child turns 30 this month as a reason why she can’t remember what she did about potty training, the nerve of some people! :o)


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