Starting to Define My New Style

I found the Ebay Store More Marcojero’s Sewing Patterns via the A Dress A Day blog. Normally I’m disappointed that vintage patterns are very expensive, far too small, if they would fit they’re damn ugly, the shipping costs a fortune or I just can’t find anything that I like. I scored big time in this store though, the prices are brilliant, the shipping incredibly reasonable (less than cost) and the selection is amazing.

I have always loved the shaping and style of the 50’s and early 60’s, the housedress and casual clothes are fabulous and it’s around shapes and styles like this that I’d like to define my new style. I want to wear more dresses and skirts and less jeans and dull black trousers which are all I live in at the moment.

On a side note, my Mother asked me once when I was a teenager and dressing against the norm what I would have done had I been a teenager in the 60’s when hippy was in style and everyone was dressing that way and rebelling. I told her I’d have been a Beatnik, lol.

So, what did I buy myself?

I probably won’t make the pants or the vest from this pattern but I love the yoke on the shirt and dress. A-line skirt on the dress, you can teach an old seamstress new tricks!

I adore the collar and neckline on this dress. The skirt will hopefully be full enough to get away with it not being a-line. You could dress this up or dress it down for day to day wear.

Who doesn’t love a smart 50’s shirt? Once I get this to fit me right I can see myself using it a lot, again you can dress these up or use them for everyday wear, fab!

Again, the collar and round neckline. The fuller skirt on this will make it fun to wear. Not sure about pockets, whether they will add the appearance of more width to the hip area or not and I can see my filing them with all kinds of rubbish which would make me look bigger, something to think about.

I could not resist this, an all in one shorts outfit that looks like a dress, how fun and how comfortable would this be to wear? It’s a great shape and quirky which I just love, I can’t wait to try and make this!

This is the type of pattern I went looking for, a shirt dress, after seeing a pattern on Ebay that wouldn’t fit me. The one I originally saw was straight whereas this one has the a-line going on. The original also did up with a huge long zip which isn’t a great idea when you have a toddler pulling at you, buttons are safer! It looks very comfortable to wear as well which is always a plus!

Something I love about all of these patterns is that they would look so different depending on the type of fabric you used. You could make them vintage looking with a vintage style fabric, simple with a plain fabric or bring them up to date with modern fabrics. Like the Betsy Ross skirt you could have 4 or 5 of the same dress but have them all look totally different due to the fabric you used, great value for money!

These patterns range from a 39″ to a 43″ bust, my reasoning behind this is that I will have to learn to make changes to the patterns anyway as the waist measurements are tiny tiny on most of these so I may as well learn how to adjust the whole thing. Obviously I didn’t want to get patterns that are totally out of my size range, when I was the size I liked being I had a 38″ chest, so this range will hopefully fit me from now until I get down to that size again. I am going to try and find some incredibly cheap fabric to make muslins from (practice garments that you check the fit with and make your changes on before cutting the real fabric, for those not up on the sewing lingo!) and then get out the sewing books and actually learn some new stuff about sewing, like how to make things fit me properly. Once I’ve learnt to adjust stuff I will hopefully be able to use these basic shapes to form a good part of my wardrobe.

So, we have dresses under control, a few skirt shapes that I really like and I’m still working my way through trying out the ton of shirt patterns that I have but I’m seriously lacking in trousers for my new style. For the summer I know I want capri length pants and a I have a few pairs to try and make in my pattern stash, but I’m still at a loss about what type of regular length trousers suit my shape.

Anyway, this is a great start and I’m excited to play with these! I have also bought a couple of bag patterns from another Ebay seller but I’ll show you those when they arrive!

Oh, has anyone seen a pattern for a short sleeved slightly fitted cardigan? I really want to knit myself one for the summer but I can’t find anything that fits what I want. Guess I need to look through my vintage Vogue Knitting Magazines and see if I can find something.


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