Fabric Shopping

Finally, after an hour or so of complete frustration trying to figure out how to Bluetooth the photos off my phone and onto the computer (still don’t know how I did it and I do not understand mobile phones at all, talk about not being intuitive to use…) I bring you two thirds of my fabric shopping trip as I managed to delete one of the photos rather than transferring it…

So, this morning Little One and I hit the fabric store to pick up a ton of zips (it’s very frustrating to want to sew and not have the right zip so I stock up in different lengths each time I go, this time it was dress length zips), some interfacing, a zip for a bag and some bits that they didn’t have in stock.

For those of you who may be interested at all this is the ‘special rolls’ section of the fabric store I go to the most:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

To the right of the photo the whole wall is covered in rolls of fabric, it’s a bit more pricey than it used to be but you can still find the 99p bargain here and there if you look hard enough and don’t have to chase a toddler around the room. Needless to say I didn’t find anything there today!

This is the basement which is my great fabric love, again not so easy when the toddler wants to run but at least it’s a tile floor so you can tend to hear where he is if you can’t see him.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Most of the fabric is folded but as people dig through it becomes a messy tangle and you have to sift through to see what you can find. I found a few bits today that I seriously considered but in the end I came home with just 3 pieces as so:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The fish is a cotton knit and quite heavy so I only took a yard and a half of it (you are charged by weight in the basement and can cut stuff down as long as you don’t leave a tiny bit behind that no one would want to buy), I’m hoping to make a t-shirt for myself from this. The flowers at the back are another cotton knit, this one thinner so I got just over 2 yards of it which was the full piece. The knits cost me just over £6 ($10). The flowers at the front is just over a yard of cotton for a shirt of some form or another, I have a pattern in mind actually that has cap sleeves, I wore the one I made from the pattern over the weekend and though that I must make a few more so I will be playing with this piece to see if it works or not. That piece was £1.60 ($2.70).

At the back of the basement they have yarn but it’s mainly baby stuff, cheap acrylics and fluffy stuff. They do very cheap bags of yarn and sometimes you can get a bargain like I did with the Phildar Licorne that I got for £3 a bag last summer so I always check it out. They had some really nice variegated cotton but I didn’t have anything in mind for that gauge so I left it there.

Knitting wise I finished the first of my Sock Pal socks last night whilst watching the golf. I really like the look of these socks and will be sad to see them go! The pattern is the Broadripple one from Knitty and the yarn is a nice variegated Fixation copy from Elann. I want to get the second one done this week so they are all ready to be sent, I hope my pal likes them, it was a hard decision on which yarn to use and which pattern, I actually cast on and did an inch of these before I realised that the night before as I was going to sleep I’d actually ‘finally’ decided on a totally different yarn and pattern, lol.

I’m just about to start the short row shaping on the front of the Little Black Top, it’s knitting up fast which is nice but the cotton is hurting my hands as it’s quite slippy.

Haven’t touched the shawl, bag or Arisaig in a while, I have those 3 projects upstairs and I’ve been sewing rather than knitting up there of late so they’ve been left to gather dust. I have a lot of CSI to start watching though (we’re starting from the beginning so there’s tons!) so hopefully the knitting will advance well.

Right, off to make some tea, hang the prewashed fabric on the line and then go and work on my sister’s quilt, I realised that I have 2 weeks to get it done and as I’ve never made one before I really should get a move on in case it takes me forever, which I have a feeling it might!


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