Finished More Stuff

First I wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments to my scattered post. I think that the nail was hit firmly on the head when the word ‘transition’ was used. A lot of changes are about to happen in my life, Little One and school, selling the business, moving to Portland, having another baby and at the moment I’m in a big holding pattern waiting waiting waiting for them to occur. I’m not the best at waiting, in fact I have little to no patience, it’s a virtue I simply don’t possess, so the time going by slowly while I wait for the events to come around it driving me a bit potty. I like change, I welcome it with open arms, if it’s not happening I go out and find something to change so that I have something new going on, but there’s quite a bit of it on the way right now and I need to remember that and let myself be loopy now and again without worrying that it’s fatal!

Anyway, I did pull myself out of the rut and reorganised the sewing room the way I wanted it originally but couldn’t have it due to the big storage boxes of stock. They are now stacked in front of the fireplace waiting to go away forever and I made a big dent in listing what I am putting up for sale, I just have to go through 4 large blue Ikea bags full of fabric and list and measure it all and then I can put the sale in motion, still haven’t finished off the waiting stock and put it in the shop though!

What I did finish was my sister’s quilt and I’m pretty damn pleased with it. I hope that she likes it and doesn’t think it’s a cheap excuse for a Birthday present (cost about £50 total for all the fabric, batting, thread and pattern plus a whole week of my sewing time, not cheap at all but people underestimate hand made gifts). So here is it for your viewing pleasure, I apologise for not being able to get it all in one photo, I’m not tall enough and don’t have time today to pose it anywhere else:

Image Hosted by

The colours aren’t quite right, it’s not quite as bright as the picture. This is a longways one turned sideways to show you what it might look like if she were to use it as a wall hanging:

Image Hosted by

Finally a shot of the back of it which I think is pretty cute in it’s own right:

Image Hosted by

The label says ‘An Anna Original’ and I try and remember to sew them on stuff I make, I really want to get some that say ‘Made By Ninny’ on them (Little One couldn’t get M’s when he started to talk so I’m known as Ninny rather than Mummy, I like it, it’s different) but I keep forgetting.

I’m happy with it and I learnt a lot making it. There were a lot of steps that didn’t seem like much but took forever. First you have to trace all the flowers and borders onto the stuff that sticks the fabric together, then cut all those out, then iron them onto the fabric, cut them out again, iron onto more fabric and then the step to end all steps was the zig zag stitching around all the flowers and borders, that took 2 sewing days to achieve! The binding I did yesterday and I’m impressed with how simple it was but also how effective. I was supposed to free quilt around the black borders around the flowers but I realised I would never get that right so I left the feed dogs up and it worked just fine (get me and my quilting talk!).

The pattern should you wish to have a go is called “Flowers” by Details By Diane and the reference number is #DBD10. It’s not really quilting in a traditional sense but it was a good starting point for me and I’m ready to try a bit more quilting and see what I come up with now.

After I finished the quilt I moved onto my Sew? I Knit! bag which I hadn’t thought I would get done. The pattern only arrived late last week and I had cut out the fabric but wasn’t sure how long it was going to take me to finish the quilt. I sewed for probably 2 hours in the afternoon and another 2 in the evening and came up with this:

Image Hosted by

The pattern is Mr Bedbug’s Ditty Bag by Amy Butler and it’s for Little One’s clothes when we go away. The striped bit at the bottom is actually pockets and his soft toys and toiletries are tucked into them all ready for our weekend away!

I didn’t have thick enough fabric like the pattern called for (I used Fair Trade Organic cotton that I got cheap) or thick canvas for the lining so I ironed on thick interfacing to the body and bottom, the handle, one side of the pockets (not the lining) and then thinner interfacing onto the top bit as it’s doubled. I really like the way it’s come out and I could see sizing this up for an adult and perhaps putting the strap top to bottom like a backpack. It was pretty simple to make as well, I only made one mistake and that was me being stupid rather than the pattern.

So, I must go and make some soup to take with us on our journey this evening and then finish packing and working on my huge to do list of stuff to achieve before DH comes home and we need to leave. I have included swatching for a knitting project on my list, very important as I need easy car knitting for a long trip (it takes about 6 hours to my sister’s house) and there isn’t enough of Little Ones sweater to bother taking it with me, I am at the front neck shaping and then have 1 sleeve so I will leave that for more CSI Miami when I get back home.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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