What I Did This Weekend*

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Each of these garments took about half an hour of sewing, so there’s not a whole bunch of time invested in them. I for some reason thought that Little One started nursery next Wednesday, when in fact it’s tomorrow, so I made up all these little outfits for him. I think the t-shirts will probably be too big for a little while but he won’t need short sleeves for a few weeks yet here anyway.

I have more stuff in mind for him and a few baskets of projects piled up to sew as well which I intend to try and work through and get done, my goal is to sew as much of Little One’s clothing as I can beyond underwear. I have a ton of fabric that I don’t need to pay to ship to Portland with us and it will save us money if I use what I have rather than buying him things. The school asked that we put him in easy to pull up and down trousers, thus the jogging bottoms, but his summer shorts I made him should work too when it’s warm enough and I want to do him some plain straight legged cotton trousers as well for when it’s warmer but I’m still searching for a pattern, I have one in my head but I can’t remember where I saw it now and whether I own it or was contemplating buying it! My trouble at the moment is getting the waists right for him as without his nappy on he’s tiny thin and all his trousers keep falling down.

Those of you who remember such things might recall that Little One has a jogging suit made out of the ABC turquoise fabric. He loves that outfit so much that it’s the first to be worn as soon as it’s clean and he’s gone through one knee of the pants! As I had leftover fabric I made him a new pair (same size!) for nursery, but I did the plain t-shirt this time as everyone seems to think that he’s wearing his pjs when he has the jogging suit on. If you can’t wear turquoise ABC fabric when you’re 2/3 when can you wear it? I get a bit annoyed at shops for trying to make me dress my toddler like a small adult. He’s a little boy, he likes bright colours and pictures on his clothes. Yes, we do have quite a bit of skater stuff because we think it’s funny/cute to see a toddler dressed up like a skater dude but beyond that I try and stick to little boy stuff, he’ll have plenty of time for the grown up clothes later in life. Good job I don’t have a girl or I would go on for hours about the stuff in the shops that appears to want small girls to dress like hookers…

Anyway, last week was a bit of a blur, Little One turned 3 on Wednesday and we took him out to a farm that has play areas on it and he had a ball. The rest of the week kind of disappeared on me getting the clothes washed from our trip away, making cake etc. Knitting wise I have done all the body increases for Sitcom Chic and am putting it aside to finish off Little One’s sweater, I did a couple of inches on the second sleeve last night (we’re at the end of series 2 of CSI Miami and still enjoying it a lot). I am off now to try and get this Sock Pal sock finished. I just have the foot and toe to do and I’d like to get them in the mail tomorrow if I can. I can’t believe I’ve gone right down to the line with these, I had plans to get them done weeks ago but it just didn’t happen. They’re looking nice though so I’m happy with that and hopefully my pal will like them once they get there!

*we had a 3 day weekend here which helped with the quantity of clothing produced.


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