Sockapaloooza Socks FO

These are the Broadripple Socks (from Knitty) that I made for my sock pal. The yarn is Sock It To Me, the Fixation copy from Elann in shades of purple, white, turquoise and light blue.

Image Hosted by

It is nice and bright here so I’ve no idea why the picture came out so dull, I had to lighten it to make it look a little better!

I really like these socks and they fit in with the colours that my pal said she liked. I like that they’re pretty and summery too, I am sad to send them off as I’d like to wear them!

They will head off to the States this afternoon, only a day late which considering how rushed and off centre I’ve felt recently isn’t too shabby.

Off to feed this Little One some lunch. He’s exhausted from his first day of Nursery but he seemed to like it! They are happy to put him in underwear and change him when he needs to be which is wonderful, I wish they’d said that before I bought the disposable training pants but we can use those I’m sure. We’ve got some cloth training pants that I will send in place of underwear though as otherwise he’ll need more clean trousers than I can produce!


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