Little Black Top FO

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I finished sewing the ends in on this yesterday and sewed the button on. I did the seaming a week or so ago quickly as I didn’t think it would fit (I normally sew in ends as I’m seaming so it’s all done in one go) but it did so it just needed those last little bits done before I could call it 100% done.

This is the button I chose:

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The neck of my sweater is wide enough that I can pull it over my head with the button closed so I didn’t do any sort of buttonhole or closure, I just sewed the top of the sweater shut under the button as I sewed it on.

The patter is from Stitch and Bitch and it was pretty easy and quick to follow. I did the short row shaping and I think it came out well, although I didn’t like the way I picked up the wraps on one side, I need to work on that technique.

I think my gauge was off as it’s quite baggy on me and I actually gave up blocking it as there was no way it was going to make the right measurements according to the chart, it seems pretty comfortable though so hopefully I will get a lot of use out of it this summer.

Thanks for all the nice comments on Little One’s clothes, there should be some more to show this weekend too, I’m planning pull on cotton trousers as the weather seems to have heated up.

I think it’s amusing that people are scared of sewing with knits. I really wasn’t aware that it was something I should be worried about doing so I just picked up some one day and got sewing! I have a couple of thoughts though for those of you who want to try knits and are too scared:

– I overlock all the edges of the pieces for things I sew before I start with the sewing machine, that way they hold their size and shape better and there is no fraying.

– Don’t try and use a load of pins, I tend to use 1 or 2 max for each seam, mainly to hold important bits together (underarm seams, the bottoms of the pieces). The fabric may need to be stretched or moved here and there as you sew, just take your time and match it up as you go along. I could never do a set in sleeve until I stopped with the pins and fit it as I go, I now use one pin in the middle and one on the far side and haven’t had to unpick a sleeve in several years.

– Your fabric *needs to stretch* when you sew across the grain of it. Think about it, knits stretch, thread doesn’t. So, if you sew a seam all flat and lovely when you pull it over your head or your ass the thread is going to snap and it will all come undone unless you’ve stretched it a bit as you go. Notice the words ‘a bit’, don’t go insane on it, just give yourself room to get your body in and out and for it not to make that horrid snapping noise when you sit or move about!

– Your steam iron is your best friend with knits. Seams look horrible, all stretched out and wavy, a good shot of steam to press them back into shape and Bob’s your Uncle. I have taken some pretty scary seams and made them look perfect with the steam iron. Iron every seam flat and back into shape as you sew it, don’t try and leave it to the end and expect it to work out. I iron this way with everything I make and it helps things fit together that much better. You will also make your life one hell of a lot easier by ironing up each hem before you sew. Use a couple of pins to hold it in place (I use 4 for sleeves and 8 for hems as a habit) but if it’s ironed it tends to hold it’s fold pretty well and you avoid that wobbly look you get if it’s not folded straight.

Hope that helps someone!


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