Sewing Stuff Again

I did a couple more bits for Little One this weekend, at the moment I’m trying to alternate something for him with something for me so I can work my way through the stack of stuff I have out to make him (some of it’s for the winter so there’s no rush but I know what I want to make so I may as well do it!).

This weekend it was another pair of summer pjs

Image Hosted by

Of course as soon as I finished those it began to rain and he’s back in this winter ones again!

I also made him a long sleeve hooded top

Image Hosted by

He examined the garments and then took them and put them away in his drawers so I think I have come up to scratch!

This is the state of the sofa in the sewing room at the moment, talk about scattered thoughts!

Image Hosted by

At the bottom left front are 3 wicker baskets (you can only see the top one) which have in them the stuff for Little One plus some fabric for tablecloths and a zip up hooded jacket for me which I have been putting off making forever for some unknown reason. I actually think that the zip up jacket is the very last thing that I have to make from the marathon cutting out sessions I did last year so perhaps I should get on with it!

At the near end of the sofa is the dress pattern and fabric that I posted about, I’m still not 100% convinced so I’m not cutting yet. The other fabric on the back of the sofa is now back in the stash as there wasn’t enough to make the dress I had in mind, I must start buying 3 yards plus of fabric I think I’d like for dresses, the vintage patterns seem to take much more than modern ones do.

in the middle of the sofa is about 10 yards of black jersey that I bought probably 2 years ago and haven’t done anything with. On top of it are 3 patterns cut and ready to be made from said jersey, I’m actually into the cutting now but I stopped because I got bored, I hope the sewing isn’t so dull…. I’m in need of plain tops, especially ones that aren’t tank tops, so I selected 3 different styles and I may do a few more in time.

At the back of the sofa is a stack of fabric to be made into 2 t-shirts (one of those I cut out this afternoon) and a bag from an offcut of brown flowery corduroy. I think it may be time for a bag as I’m feeling a lithe bit jaded after all the pieces I’ve done for Little One. I enjoy sewing the easy bits for him and he needs them, likes them and will get good use from them, but it kind of fogs the brain after a bit and you forget how to sew a dart or make something that has more than 4 pattern pieces!

I have been doing knitting too, I finished off my first dishcloth last night, but I forgot to take a picture so I’ll try and remember tomorrow. I’m about 1/3 into the next one now as well, my finger was still hurting last night and I didn’t want to risk the tension on Jenny with it so I stuck to the simple things. I’ve also picked out and cast on for a third one, these are good clean (pun intended) fun people, I’m enjoying hunting through the stitch guides trying to match something up with the yarn colour, and answering my earlier question it is possible to get an 8×8 inch square from one ball, it leaves you about 4 yards of yarn which isn’t too shabby.

I have one more seam to sew on Harry and then that’s finished. I am going to go and do that right now before I put it off once more and it sits on the end of the sofa for another 2 weeks.

Hope everyone has had a good and productive weekend!


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