Black T Take Two

I finished off the second of my black t-shirt trio yesterday, this one was Simplicity 4539 and took only just over an hour to sew, my kind of project!

Image Hosted by

Again, bad photo, sorry. It’s v neck with cap sleeves, I really like this pattern and I think I will be making some more from it soon. I had to adjust it under the arms by an inch on both sides as it was gaping quite a lot. I have this problem a lot with both home sewn and store bought t-shirts and I was glad to find a fix, at least for this pattern, to make it fit much better around the chest and arms.

I am going to work on the third t-shirt this afternoon or evening if I feel up to it, I still don’t feel 100%, this lurgy keeps coming and going, one day I’m fine and then the next I feel spaced out and my throat hurts again. Of course it would be today that I don’t feel great as DH is away overnight on a work course, I shall just have to struggle on!

I had a small score in my local charity shop today. The lady was very nice to me and gave me my items for a lower price as that was all I had in my purse! I take enough stuff around there though so they didn’t really loose anything.

My first item was 10 balls of this:

Image Hosted by

It has 112m per ball so I should have more than enough to make Green Gable from it. It’s very soft cotton too, with a lovely loose twist to it. It is a bit musty and a tiny bit smokey as the women in the shop smoke, but a few days airing and it should be fine. I need to do a gauge swatch, but I also need to finish off a couple of things, I’m all about casting on at the moment!

I also scored this great 1977 Simplicity kids sewing pattern:

Image Hosted by

I’m a bit hoodie fan so I’m really excited to have this in my collection. There were a few other 70’s patterns in there but none in my size and the envelopes were ripped badly on most of them. I did pull out a nice dress pattern with a 38″ bust but when I looked at the pattern pieces they had been shortened with lots of old yellowing tape and 1 piece was missing so I left it there (good job as I couldn’t have paid for it! lol). This pattern is sized 8-10 so it will be a few years before I can use it but it’s so hard to find boys patterns that I’m happy to store it for a few years!

I am working away on Sitcom Chic, I’m just about to start the patterning so not much further to go, but having such long rows it takes a while! I cast on for a pair of Jaywalker Socks the other day, actually cast on for both of them as I’m trying knitting both socks at the same time to see if that helps with second sock syndrome. I’m still working on 2 dishcloths as well, but everything else is stalled at the moment, I must finish off those that are nearest completion to clear the decks a bit. I’m a bit of a broken record with that though, I seem to clear everything out and then start more things. I do the same with sewing, I have cleared out a ton of projects for myself and then the other night I went and pulled out 3 more things to make!

Can anyone point me in the direction of some medium weight plain coloured cottons? I’d prefer if they were 100% cotton if possible. Thanks!


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