Black T Three and Two Dishcloths

I’ve not made it up to the sewing room in a couple of days due to feeling like hell and having a woozy head, I have managed to watch 2 romantic comedies, 7 episodes of Alias, many episodes of CSI Miami and finish off the main knitting of Sitcom Chic along with these 2 little lovelies:

Image Hosted by
Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in shade 00100 – Sky Print using Granite Relief Stitch from The Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches.

Image Hosted by
Bernat Handicrafter Cotton again but I’ve lost the ball band for this one. The stitch is Pique Triangles from the Harmony Guide 450 Knitting Stitches.

I am on the second front band of Sitcom Chic and have sewn in all the ends, I just need to do the neckband and a short Icord for the buttonhole (I don’t do crochet) and then that will be done, I’m hoping for FO pics tomorrow all being well.

This morning I felt ready to face the machines again so I whipped up this while Little One was at Nursery:

Image Hosted by

It looks really boring lying down like that but I can assure you it’s actually fitted and fits me really well. The pattern is Jalie 2005, can you tell I have a thing for three quarter sleeve slash neck t-shirts? I have a purple ribbed t-shirt made from this same pattern that I wear far too much so I’m looking forward to easing the strain on that one with the newer version.

I’ll be back onto things for Little One now, I’d like to get 2 more lots of pjs out of the baskets (the airplane ones I made will do for next year, they’re HUGE! lol) plus some shorts and a matching t-shirt, none of which should take too long to make but will make some space for the projects I once again appear to be stacking on the sofa.

So, I am off to finish Sitcom Chic now but I was wondering if there is anyone out there who may be able to offer their services for free to do a banner and some buttons for a Sew-Along that I’m organising with another blogger? If so please leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

Added – Oh how funny! I wondered why everyone was leaving comments about Mission Falls cottons, I just went back and re-read the post as I was thinking that you must be saying that the yarn I bought looked like Mission Falls in texture (which is does a bit). I just realised that I should have said that I was looking for cotton FABRIC to sew shirts and dresses from rather than cotton YARN, lol. My bad, I will try and make myself more clear in the future! lol


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