Huge Score!

Sorry for the radio silence, on Friday night I was struck down by a migraine which sent me to bed for 21 out of the next 24 hours. Yesterday I felt a bit better but I’m still a bit woozy today with some pain and don’t want to sit at the computer for too long in case it all goes wrong again.

I did finish Sitcom Chic and I will post my FO post tomorrow, but today this is far more important!

Once a month or so I stick up a wanted ad on Freecycle for a Dressform (or Tailors Dummy as they’re also known). I’ve never had a response before but this time, almost right away, I got an email offering me one! We were supposed to go and pick it up on Saturday but due to the fact that I was in bed in very bad pain we didn’t go and arranged to go today instead.

May I formally introduce you all to Julia:

Image Hosted by

She came pre-named and is sitting in the kitchen because she’s filthy and needs a really good clean and also because the plastic piece holding the legs to the pole cracked and my very nice neighbour is going to fix it for me. The bust goes up to a 39″ which means that I will have to pad her but not as much as I worried I would plus she’s got a hem measuring attachment which is fab as I have no one to help me with hems. From the look of the instructions she dates from the 60’s.

As amazing as Julia is there was even more to this score:

Image Hosted by
tons of zips, bias binding and needles.

Image Hosted by
some pieces of white cotton and bright lining fabrics.

Image Hosted by
a book that tells you how to make a master pattern but not how to actually use it to alter other patterns that are given in the book….

Image Hosted by
yes, that’s what you think it is, patterns!

When I spoke to the lady on the phone she asked in an offhand way if I’d be interested in any paper patterns. Of course I said yes, but I really wasn’t expecting a big box of them! They’re not all complete I don’t think, I know some of them don’t have instructions and I have instructions for patterns I don’t actually have but there is an amazing selection of them there (mainly sized 34 to 38 inches bust so they will need some enlarging) but fabulous all the same.

These are the ones I will be keeping:

Image Hosted by

And when I’ve checked them for completeness these are the ones I’ll be swapping or gifting

Image Hosted by

Fabulous huh?

So, besides having fun sifting through my loot today I made these pjs for Little One to get back on the sewing horse after the unwanted break

Image Hosted by

I’m working on Picovoli as my new project, when I finished Sitcom Chic I was starting to brew the migraine so I wanted something round and round to work on. It seems to be coming along ok so far, I am a few rows away from finishing the first section of increases.


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