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Sorry for the shoddy photo, this was the best one DH managed to take…

This was a really easy knit and pretty enjoyable. The Cottonease works up really fast on 5mm needles and really evenly, you can’t see at all where I swapped from straights to circs which is great as I hate doing unnecessary short rows on circular needles.

I made the 40″ size and it fits me pretty well. I decided not to bother with a button or clasp of any sort, doing a cardigan up at the top when you have a belly just shows off that belly at it’s worst so I will be wearing this fully open. DH commented that it’s the brightest colour that he’s ever seen me wear, all part of my plan to brighten up and make my wardrobe more interesting. This cardigan will work really well over vintage dresses when I get around to making some that will go with red!

The pattern called for 6 balls of Cottonease. I actually only used four and a half balls which is pretty damn good value, but annoying as it’s left me with one and a half balls, I see a baby sweater out of Cottonease in my future!

I finished another pair of pjs for Little One last night, a second cotton woven bottoms with bought t-shirt top:

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I had to remember to make sure that the picture of Clifford the Big Red Dog on the shirt was next to the letter C as I knew Little One would say ‘C is for Clifford’ and he’d be confused it I put a different letter there! I don’t go in for character prints at all but I do heartily approve of Clifford, he’s all about learning to be a nice person and reading books and that’s a good thing in my view. I really don’t like the movie though which Little One got for Christmas, they made everyone American for some reason (the main family in the tv show talk with English accents even though they live in the States)…

You are probably thinking ‘that’s one hell of a lot of pjs’ and it probably is. I have a real pj problem, out of the 4 drawers I have to put my clothes in 1 is completely full of pjs and I have more planned for myself. I like to give Little One a choice though, pjs were the first clothes we let him pick out himself which to wear. Also, to me, putting him to bed in home made pjs is like putting him to bed in a big hug, it’s personal and makes me happy to see him wearing them. Practically though the reason there are so many this time (besides obsession and being determined that all his pjs this season will be home made) is that he will most likely start night time potty training before he grows out of these, so we’re going to need quite a few pairs!


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