More Shorts

I finally managed to get the shorts done, it was another case of wondering why I’d put it off so long as they were actually pretty easy once I got going on them.

Image Hosted by

They have front pockets which you can’t see very well in the photo. This is the shorts from the back:

Image Hosted by

The fabric is PRR (I think it’s Monkey Plaid, I got it off Ebay), I dyed it blue and had the interlock that I’d dyed previously using the same colour. The t-shirt is another simple Kwik Sew Sewing For Toddlers pattern and the shorts pattern is from Ottobre Magazine again (Issue 2/04 item 19 size 92cm). The grumpy teddy label on the back pocket is from Lamington Lane Badges in Australia. Have a box of these things that I always forget to put onto garments, I’ve taken to pinning them to the fabric or sticking them on the pattern when I’m pulling things out to make. My favourite labels that they do say ‘Not Post By Gosh, Home Sewn Kid’, I have a set of those but I don’t want to ‘waste’ them (I’m always saying that!) so I’ve not used them yet.

I also made myself a pair of obscenely bright orange tie dye pj bottoms from my standard cropped pattern. I think they’re great and am considering making a matching tank top with the leftover fabric but I think the boys might ban me from the house for blinding them!

Just a t-shirt, pair of trousers, pair of shorts and pair of pajamas and then I’m done with Little One’s summer sewing for this year and will have emptied one of the baskets, I am hoping to get most of that done this weekend but we’ll see what I manage.

I went to the fabric shop today for a quick visit, I realised that I don’t have to sit at home for 2 hours while Little One is at school and actually got myself out of the house finally. I did quite well in there, managed to find fabric for 3 dresses, 2 shirts and a small offcut for a bag or accent fabric plus 6m of elastic, 3m of interfacing (for more bags!), some cotton cord (for the Weekender Bag when I get up the nerve to attempt it) and 2 zips all for £25 ($45, the exchange rate is good for us and bad for you at the moment, $1.82 to the £). I’ve prewashed 1 load and have the second in the machine at the moment, I’m really looking forward to sewing these fabrics, I’ll stick some pictures up tomorrow if they photograph well. I also got the dates for the shop’s big summer sale where they have up to 70% off, I love it when they do this sale. I am hoping that the Liberty fabric makes it into the sale as it’s lovely but unless they take it to at least 50% off I can’t afford it.

Little One managed to fall out of bed landing firmly on his face at 3.15am this morning resulting in a nose bleed and him looking like a mini boxer and sounding like he’s got a cold. I took him to the Doctors and it’s just bruising which should take a week to go down, he looks really odd with his nose a different shape though.

Thanks for your replies about the comment deletion, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it was odd and that others would have been bugged by it too. I’m excited to hear about biodegradeable straws though, they’re only $5.30 for 400! I’ve always wanted one of those old fashioned straw dispensers and now I can fill it with something eco friendly I might have to hunt one down!

Right, off to watch tennis and then the start of the World Cup with Jenny in hand, started the second sleeve yesterday. I may drag the Jaywalkers down as well and try and get to the heels by the end of the weekend, I have 1 inch left on one and 2 inches on the other before I’m there.


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