All Socks All The Time

I seem to have stopped knitting anything but socks at the moment for some reason. I have had a period of a few days where all I seemed to do was knit heels, one after the other!

I’ve currently got 4 pairs of socks on the needles, only 3 of those are active though but I really need to finish off the other pair, I got a serious case of Second Sock Syndrome with those socks and they’ve been stalled for an embarrassingly long amount of time.

The Jaywalkers are coming along, I’ve turned the heel and picked up the gusset on one and have done the heel flap on the second but not turned yet. The needles are so tiny on those that I need to be awake and paying attention to them to knit them though which makes them bad for tv knitting.

I have to move my Fixation collection each time I get more Sock Candy so I decided to try and reduce it a bit and also that it was about time I designed some new Fixation socks so I’ve been working away on those as well. I’m decreasing the gusset on the first sock at the moment and I really like the way they’re looking, must make sure I cast right on for the second and get them done!

Then I had this arrive in the post:

Image Hosted by

It’s impossible to do these colours justice but they colourways are Lemongrass and Velvet Moon and I immediately wound up a skein of each into a ball to see what ideas came to mind. I cast on with the Lemongrass for a plain footed toe up sock and will make a decision on what to do with the cuff once I’ve turned the heel. I’m thinking perhaps a vine pattern would be nice. I’m still mulling over the Velvet Moon, that is some gorgeous yarn, I’ve ordered some 2.5mm dpns so I think I may do a published pattern for those. What can I say about this yarn, it is fabulous and wonderful and I could knit only it forever! I’m so obsessed I’ve seemingly taken to collecting it and buying every colourway I can find as soon as I get the funds into my hot little hands. Expect to see a lot more socks made from this yarn in the future, I now totally understand the Socks That Rock collections I’ve seen in other blogs!

On the sewing front it’s been a week of not getting much done and stalling when I am trying to sew. I started Little Ones shorts and then ran out of thread (we’re off soon on a thread buying mission!) so had to stop. I then zoomed along with a summer dress for me and as soon as it was 90% done not only did the weather change and go dull, dreary and rain filled again but I hit a huge hitch with the bust area. I have no idea what Simplicity think a larger woman’s bosoms are shaped like but mine do not spread under my arms in such a way that I require an extra 16 cms of fabric around that area, it’s the most bizarre thing I’ve seen! I have decided to try some darts to get rid of the extra fabric there (it fits fine around the middle and below) so hopefully that will be done soon, once the darts are done all I have to do is face the top edge and hem the thing, it’s very pretty, maybe we’ll get one day this summer where I can wear it. I need to go looking for a strapless bra though, I thought it would cover my bra straps and it does, but it doesn’t cover the fabric where the cup connects to the strap, I want to make a halter sometime soon as well so an adjustable bra was on the cards.

The hair is now blonde, we had a bit of a disaster with the first dye job, it came out all patchy, not sure if it was the dye or the dyer (DH!) but it looked awful and I was very down about living under such bad hair until last night he dyed it again for me and I now look better and less yellow and patchy. First time ever I’ve had trouble with a hair colour.

In case you were wondering about the school outcome I have now enrolled him in the better school starting in September so we’re home alone all summer together. I had a tiny run in again with the Head of the bad school when I went to tell them I was taking him out (apparently removing your child from the school isn’t enough to get you your school trip deposit back..) but we’re done there now bar a letter I need to write to the Board of Governors to inform them of my troubles.

Right, off to get my things together and then wake the child to take him into town.

Taa ta!


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