Summer Sewing

The weather around here makes it seem like summer is now over, but I’ve finally finished off Little One’s summer sewing, except for a pair of pjs which will be too big for him until fall so they’ll get done before then.

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The shorts are made from PRR corded cotton with a boy in a boat fishing (why did I buy fishing fabric when I’m vegan?) and turtles on it and the t-shirt is some nice ribbed stuff from a co-op probably 2 years ago. I dyed them both Bahama Blue. The shorts are a size 92 from Ottobre 2/05 (#14) and are actually girls shorts called Mandarin Pants but I didn’t do the fancy thing with the back pockets or put the drawstrings at the bottom of the legs as the pattern called for, instead I just kept them simple. Little One said he liked them so hopefully we will get some weather warm enough for him to wear them!

I also finished off my dress, I had to adjust the straps twice though, I have now taken 12cms off each strap and am not sure still that it’s enough, I will see next time I wear it. I thought it looked good on my but the photo makes me wonder

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The pattern is Simplicity 5052 and the only changes I made was to not line the bodice, and of course to add the darts to make the bust fit me. DH seems incapable of taking a flattering photo of me for some reason.

I cut out a shirt this evening which I hope to get done in the next few days, but I still have one or two things planned to make for myself as you can see:

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I’ve turned the heel on the second Jaywalker sock and am halfway down the foot. I decided that I am going to finish these socks before I knit on any of the others I’ve got going. I have finished the first sock of the Fixation pair and the foot of the Lemongrass Sock Candy one so as soon as I have these done I can crack on with those. I’m finding this pattern very dull now, I honestly don’t see what all the fuss has been about in blogland, they don’t seem more special than the other socks I’ve made, in fact they’re a bit duller to knit than most pairs I’ve made, but I’ve come this far so I will finish.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend, off to do a bit more on the damn socks!


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