Jaywalking Still

My knitting is very dull at the moment, I’m just trying to get these damn Jaywalkers off the needles. You’d think with all the football and CSI I’ve been watching that they’d be done, but I have to actually keep half an eye on what I’m doing what with the pattern and the 2.25mm needles that they’re on, added to which is the boredom I’ve felt knitting them so I’ve not always picked them up to knit, thus it’s been quite slow going. I’m really glad that I knit them both at the same time though, if I’d had to start all over again after finising the first one last night I think I would have hidden it away in a drawer and forgotten about it, as is I just have a foot left to knit which should be doable with some motivating talk to myself. One sock is now totally completed though and I’m working my way through the decreases on the second, hopefully in a couple of days they will be done and dusted and I can get to work on something else. I feel the need at the moment to just concentrate on one project at a time so it will probably be more socks that you see while I try and work my sock WIPs down to a reasonable number.

The desire to knit socks and cast on for new ones hasn’t been held back any by the arrival of this today:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The colours are almost right in this and I have no idea why my camera decided to play silly buggers with the focus… Yes, more Sock Candy, this time we have Carbon, Sun Drops and Scarponia. All very beautiful. The place I’ve been buying it now has only 2 colourways left that I don’t own so I am going to try and get those after next payday, I have a compulsion to own every single colourway of this yarn that just can not be stopped.

I have been sewing as well, although not a huge amount, but I have this to show you:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is McCalls 3940 and it’s my first maternity garment. No, I’m not pregnant, but something that really didn’t help with my ante-natal depression last time was a lack of clothing. The stuff we could find was far far out of our budget (sorry but I’m not paying £40 ($71) for a pair of trousers that I’m going to wear for less than 6 months, ain’t happening…. Not only could I not find stuff that we could afford but I also couldn’t find stuff that actually fit and if it did fit it was uglier than the day is long or just plain dull… I have a few bits left from last time around but they’re pretty boring, just the basics that we could afford to buy, so I’m determined this time that I will have good clothes to wear so I’m starting early to build up a wardrobe of clothes. I love this fabric and as there’s so much of it in the front and back of this shirt I should be able to make something else from it when I’m done wearing it this way. You will be seeing more maternity stuff popping up in my sewing now, I don’t want to leave it until I am pregnant as I was so tired last time that I slept eight and a half months away with only breaks for work and food!

Right, off to work on my Sew? I Knit! shirt, I’ve made 2 shirts so far during this challenge and neither of them are the shirt that I meant to make, so I’m working on that one now!

Tomorrow evening is the big sale preview at my favourite fabric shop, am I really really dorky to be very excited about it?


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