Sale Score

I had a whale of a time at Abakhan last night for the sale preview. I have never ever seen the shop as busy as it was at 7pm, not even on a Saturday sale day, it was packed! I had to stand in line at almost every cutting table and till.

I am really happy with my haul and I got enough fabric for 16 garments, 2 bag linings plus some zips, interfacing and embroidery cotton. I even managed to stay inside the budget I’d set for myself, although I could have come home with a lot more than I did I didn’t let myself go too over the top!

My strategy was to go for the Liberty cottons first to see how much they were reduced (only 20% so I didn’t get any) then go down to the cottons which are my favourites. I had a browse around on the way downstairs to see if there was anything that caught my eye too. I must have browsed the cotton bins about 7 times, they were stacked so tightly that it made sense to let other people churn through them and turn up new bargains! I had a couple of funny moments by the cottons when people kept pulling out the fabric that was a different colourway of the skirt I was wearing! The sales girl noticed that I matched and I did consider buying some of the other colour but decided against it in the end.

So, without further ado this is what I got, sorry it’s so picture heavy.

Image Hosted by

One and a half metres of this viscose dotty fabric, I thought it would make a great dress until I saw how thin it was so I went for enough for a shirt instead. I only got charged for 1 metre as the lady cutting ripped a few inches down the side (she thought it would rip right across, a mistake I’ve made many a time) but I said I didn’t mind the damage so she took off the half yard from the cost.

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This is a cotton mix for trousers, I can’t decide if it’s blue or black, I bought 4 metres at £1.20 per metre ($2.12) with 15% off.

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Pink candy stretchy fabric for a short sleeved t-shirt, got 1 metre, 15% off. Fabric from the bins is charged by weight so I can’t tell you how much it cost but everything I bought from the bins came to a total of £28 ($49.56).

Image Hosted by

Michael Miller large dotty fabric, enough for a skirt, 15% off.

Image Hosted by

This is darker than the photo, I can never get purple to photograph right. Baby cord with little bright coloured dots on it, enough for a winter skirt, 15% off.

Image Hosted by

From left to right, some cowboy cotton, about one and a half metres, no idea what I want to do with it but I liked it! Some Japanese cotton with plaid dots on it. I found this fabric by mistake, pulled something else out and this fell on the floor. Once I’d checked there was at least a yard (there’s about 2 actually) it went right in my basket, didn’t see any more of it. Yes, this is what you fabric educated ladies think it is, I actually said ‘NO!’, out loud (luckily not too loudly!) when I saw it as I have lusted after this fabric forever. It’s Heather Ross Free Spirit bikes fabric. There is a join in the middle of it and big writing with the length of the roll on each side of the join but there’s at least one and a half yards of useable fabric there, I was so excited to find it, totally unexpected! The back fabric you have seen before, it’s the nice lightweight fabric that I bought last time. I’m about to cut it for a shirt and I love it so much that I wished I’d bought some more, so I did! All of this was 15% off.

Image Hosted by

Left to right again, some striped wrinkled cotton, this is thick enough for summer trousers but not to thick that it can’t be used for shirts or dresses. There was 4 metres on the roll so I took it, £1.20 ($2.12) with 15% off. The middle fabric is a lovely light blue with stripes and flowers, there is just under 3 metres, 15% off. The back fabric is lightweight dress cotton green and blue polka dot. When I arrived at the cutting table with a stack of dotty fabric I realised I had been reading A Dress A Day too much! lol All night I kept picking up polka dots, I could have come home with 5 more pieces but I didn’t let myself! I got 3 metres of this fabric, 15% off.

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Stretchy t-shirt fabric, 15% off. Enough for a short sleeved t-shirt.

Image Hosted by

More dots! 3 metres of dress cotton, 15% off.

Image Hosted by

And finally, more dress cotton, 3 metres, £1.99 ($3.52) per metre with 15% off.

I also got 2 metres of dark red double width sheeting (much thicker than other sheeting I’ve seen) to line 2 bags with (I have the outer fabric for both). I saw this fabric before but it was more than I wanted to spend at £2.99 ($5.29) a metre, but last night it was reduced by 70%, score!

I am still washing and drying it all and I will have to sort out the stash a bit to fit it all in, but I had a really fun time, it was nice to have a budget that was bigger than usual and not feel bad about spending on fabric! I won’t be going back for a while now so I’m glad I made the most of it.

My business hasn’t sold so I am now selling everything off bit by bit which is a pain but the sale I’m having is going really well so far. I have given myself my last yarn treat by ordering the last 2 Sock Candy colourways that I’m missing from my supplier, after the business is all gone there won’t be cash for fabric or yarn (I basically used my profits to support my hobbies rather than spending household money on them) but I think I’ve got enough to keep me going for a while! I need to make sure that I get up in the sewing room more, the World Cup and Little One not having naps have really held me back recently.

I finished knitting the Jaywalkers last night, just need to kitchner the toe so I’ll post the FO post tomorrow on those. I think I’ll get the second Fixation sock going now and get that done and dusted. It was such a relief to finish the others though, I was really really fed up with them!


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