Jaywalker Socks FO

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These are made from Bernat Sox in the camouflage colourway using 2.25mm needles and the pattern from Magnknits. I knit the larger size and they fit perfectly.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I like the finished product and I’ve no doubt I’ll wear them but do I need to mention again how boring these were to knit?

I knit almost 2 inches of the cuff of a Fixation sock last night, the difference between 2.25mm needles and 3.25mm needles is amazing! :o)

Another finished shirt, this is the one I immediately wanted to make for Sew? I Knit! and I’ve finally finished it

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It’s not modeled because it’s far too tight. The pattern is Simplicity 4583 and it only goes up to an 18, I had hoped there would be a bit more ease than they give but no dice so into the ‘waiting to be worn’ bag it goes. The fabric is more of the Fair Trade organic stuff, I had to cut the pattern against the grain as it is very narrow stuff. I’m happy with the way it looks and I’ll look forward to wearing it! I am still loosing weight so I will get into it in the next few months, fingers crossed.

I’m now 2/3 of the way through a dress, the boys went out today so I had a nice time sewing away. Of course it wasn’t anything that I already had out to make (and I’ve added to those stacks!), this was a brand new, from the stash thing that suddenly came to mind. I am wearing my sundress today and it’s really comfortable in the heat (the straps do need adjusting again, can we say incredibly bloody frustrating when the straps fall off your shoulders every 30 seconds?) but besides that I love it, so I wanted to make another dress. I picked out fabric for 2 and choose this one first, I may go right onto the other one, we’ll see.

I picked up the Shoalwater Shawl last night as well, I don’t know why I fizzled out on that as it’s actually pretty easy knitting. I may drag it down for when I’m watching tennis as only every 4th row is patterned. It felt good to be knitting lace again so hopefully I can keep up the tempo on that and get somewhere, I’m only just near the end of the first repeat so it’s got a long way yet!

Right, off to work on that sock while watching England play rubbish football…


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