Travel Tips Required! Apply Within.

I am trying to find cheap flights for our trip to Portland. Thing is, I’ve never booked a flight before, not even an internal one let alone a transcontinental one and I’m really not sure if I’m looking in the right places for a good deal or how to go about finding a good deal. I don’t even know if DH needs a visa of any sort to get into the States (I have a US passport so I’m fine).

I’m aware that prices change depending on when you go but I have yet to find a site that will check a variety of dates and I don’t have the time or patience to put in every single different date that we might ever want to travel to see which is cheapest.

So far I’ve found flights at the beginning of October for £957 including tax to travel on a Sunday outwards and return on a Monday (easier for child minders as Little One is staying home). The only drawback of these is that we have a 6 hour layover in Chicago. Is the airport in Chicago near enough to see anything in Chicago or miles outside so it’s not worth leaving? What would be do for 6 hours in Chicago anyway (well, 4 hours I guess as we’d have to check in again for our next flight)? I don’t think DH would want to look at yarn stores! lol

So, does anyone have any great tips on where and how to find flights? We’re looking at travelling from Manchester, England to Portland, Oregon at the start of October or November staying for 7 days (ie 9 day trip total, 2 days travelling and 7 in Portland).

Thanks for any travel tips you might have!


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