Spotty Dress

I finally got pictures of the spotty dress that I finished a few days ago. One day DH will totally surprise me by saying something like ‘Anna, the dress is all wrinkled, would you like to straighten it before I take the picture?’ and I will fall to the ground in a dead faint….

Image Hosted by

It does fit me and it doesn’t wrinkle like that normally and the hem does lie flat, as this was the second photo shoot we did I figure I will have to just use the crappy photo. The fabric is from my fave shop and is a medium weight cotton mix, I was going to make a skirt from it but I’m glad I figured out that there was enough for a dress. The pattern is Butterick 4443 and I will definitely be using it again, very easy to sew.

Once again I didn’t do the lining thing. I think I forgot to say with the purple shirt that I didn’t line it, I used the interfacing pattern pieces to make facings and did that instead. With this dress I just used bias binding at the neckline and armholes and it worked fine. In summer casual clothes the last thing I want is another layer of fabric to make me overheat.

I had to do my usual adjustment under the arms taking in 2 inches tapering the sewing line outwards to three inches down the side seam. I can’t find anywhere in any of my sewing books what to alter in a pattern to stop that gaping from happening but the taking in seems to always work so I will keep going with that until I find a better solution. The neckline on this dress is a little wide for me too but I can live with it. I am between pattern sizes at present which doesn’t help, my bust could almost go down a size but the waist and hips need the larger size, hopefully next time I make this pattern I can use the next size down.

I’m working on another sundress now but it’s too hot to be upstairs with the iron on so I will try and do a bit more later. I’m sure the weather will break soon now that I’m finally having clothing to deal with it, my A Line skirts are getting worn all the time.

I got another lovely box of yarn today, yes, more Sock Candy!

Image Hosted by

The green is called Limestone and the other 2 are actually the same colourway, called Key West. The middle one is the old version and the right hand one is the new beefed up version. I actually only ordered the new stuff but my dealer, I mean supplier, sent me the older ones for free as they are so different and I’ve been a good customer! lol I now have every colourway that the store have stocked and am ready to knit some damn cute socks. I have finished the heel flap on the Fixation Socks, I was going to say that I turned the heel but I just realised that I’m incredibly stupid and I didn’t turn the heel at all, I went right from the heel flap to picking up the stitches for the gusset so I will have to rip back and do the heel flap, duh! At least I didn’t knit any further! I was watching the movie Closer while knitting and I think it killed my brain, that is by far the worst film I’ve seen in quite some time…

Anyway, thanks for the travel advice, at the moment it looks like we will be travelling at the end of October if the funding comes through. What sports are on in October that we might be able to see as DH is keen to check out that side of things? Me, I’ve got a list about 10 pages long of stuff I want to check out! lol


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