Summer Dress Number Three

I finished off the third summer dress on Saturday while the boys were out. Of course as soon as it was done the weather changed and it’s now not hot enough to wear it!

The pattern is Simplicity 4531

Image Hosted by

Sorry no modeled shot but I assure you it does fit me, I did the underarm adjustment before I put the facings on so it looks more finished than my previous adjustmented garments do. I will be using this pattern again I’m sure! The fabric has been in my stash for ages now and I never knew what to do with it. The lines actually had gold on them before I prewashed it (opps!) but I prefer it without. The only thing that bugs me about this dress is that there is a line down the front of the bodice and skirt which looks like a faded fold line. I have had this fabric stored rolled for ages so I’m thinking perhaps the fading occurred before I bought it (from a co-op so I only saw a picture of the fabric). I wish I’d seen it was there before I cut the dress, but I couldn’t have cut around it really so I guess I was stuck with it one way or another, maybe it will wash out.

I am halfway through my Sew Retro shirt at the moment, for some reason I just didn’t feel like sewing much after I’d gotten that far so I left it and cut something else out. A few bits of fabric went back in the stash as there wasn’t enough for the pattern I wanted to make and a few bits came out for other projects (more retro dresses!) so the stacks of fabric are still about the same height! Hopefully I will get a bit done this afternoon, I just have the sleeves, collar and hem left so a couple of hours should do it.

My friend in the States has a ton of patterns to send me, a lot are bags and aprons but there are a fair few garment ones as well. I don’t think she got any Butterick ones and of course I am dying for one of their patterns and there are a couple more I’d like to own. Does anyone know of any 99c Butterick sales coming up and would you be prepared to try and buy me 5 patterns and then send them over Air Mail? I will of course pay for them and the shipping (by Paypal) if anyone would be so kind as to help. I also have some Vogue (4), New Look (3), McCalls (3 I think, depends what my friend couldn’t get for me) and Simplicity (8, again depends on what she bought) as well if sales are happening on those, I know I just missed a 75% off Vogue sale. I’ve also started a tab at the vintage pattern shop I use on Ebay, I just can’t resist the prices of her patterns and to make shipping worthwhile I need to fill a GPE envelope which takes about 10 patterns, that’s my excuse anyway! She updates her shop a couple of times a week so it’s always worth a browse, especially as you can sort by your size so you don’t need to feel depressed about all the stuff that won’t fit you!

In the knitting side of things I finished off my first Lemongrass Sock Candy sock and it looks really good. I did a vine lace pattern on the cuff of it which I’m really happy with, I realised just as I was finishing it and saw Orangina on someone else’s blog that it’s the same stitch pattern, although mine is upside down as I knit it from the toe up! I will do a free pattern for the socks when they’re done. I am also almost up to the armhole of the first front of Jenny, I finished the second sleeve last week. I don’t know why I put it down, I had it in my head that it was ‘too hard’ to knit in front of the tv when really it’s actually very easy so I should hopefully have it done in the next few weeks and move onto something else that needs finishing. I did some of the Shoalwater Shawl in front of the Tour de France too, there is only 1 patterned row in every 4 rows but because it’s a shawl, thin yarn on big needles and lots of yo’s I still need to pay more attention.


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