Hot Hot Hot

The weather here has been oppressively hot recently, the other day it was up to 90F which is pretty unheard of in this country, mid 80’s is enough to make everyone complain!

I have been sitting on the sofa watching the Tour De France and doing a few rows here and there on the Shoalwater Shawl. I’ve almost finished the second repeat, I need to find the pattern and check how many more I need to do! It’s a very easy knit though, I have never been able to knit a shawl in front of the tv before! I’ve also been working on the picot Picovoli, I’m past the armholes now and I really like the fabric so far.

I finished off my first Sew Retro project the other day, the pattern is a Simplicity one from 1975. I didn’t do a great job on the collar but it’s wearable so I will live with it!

Image Hosted by

I finished off another dishcloth as well, part of my getting projects off the needles!

Image Hosted by

This is a mock double rib stitch one, very easy to knit but I stalled somewhere in the middle of it!

My sister and BIL are coming today to stay for the weekend so we’ve been house cleaning which is less fun than normal (normally it’s no fun at all!) in this heat! Last night the vacuum died so today Little One and I went off and bought a new one. Of course when I got home and tried the old one to doublecheck that it really was dead it worked again, I think it might have just overheated. So now we’re wondering whether to keep the new one or not, the old one still works but has seen better days, it seems a bit wasteful to just get rid of it though! I guess I could Freecycle it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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