Still Chugging Along

I have finished 10 rows of the rib for Arisaig’s second front so that’s a start! I have also completely seamed Jenny and have sewn all the ends in, she needs buttons and ribbon though so I need to take a trip into town for those before she will be a FO, maybe this afternoon depending on how Little One is behaving and how frazzled I feel (and whether our new washing machine ever arrives, they have half an hour left of the period they said it would be delivered in).

I have also turned the heel of the second Lemongrass Vine sock and written up half of the pattern so that I can publish that as another freebie when I finish the socks off.

In the sewing room I have completed a lovely pantdress from a vintage pattern and am just waiting to see if I should model it or do a picture of it on the hanger, I will try and get it done tomorrow at the latest as it’s been hanging there waiting for it’s moment since Wednesday. I have cut and started sewing another summer dress as well in a retro summer print that I love using a modern pattern, should get that done and dusted over the weekend if I get a few hours, the pattern is pretty simple.

I still have a ton of things on my to do list though, I need to do my tax return, I want to check the pattern pieces of all the patterns I have to swap so I can get those listed and get them out of the house, I’d like to rip out the black tank and return the yarn to the stash and also get onto some of the sewing projects that have been waiting a while as I’ve snuck in more exciting stuff in front of them!

Stuff that wasn’t on the list includes quite a few rows on each of the shawls I’m knitting, I’m really enjoying all of them at the moment and it’s nice to change needle size and yarn and to do different patterns when I get bogged down with one of them. I also cast on for a black cotton cardigan from Phildar Tendances Spring 06. I have a couple of other Phildar books and I’ve not knit anything from them at all so it’s nice to get started using this one the first week it was in the house. I knit the top ribbing of a pair of socks using an IK pattern and more Sock Candy. I even swatched for these, amazing! The yarn is pooling a little bit but I’m going to keep going and see if it starts to bug me, so far I think it’s ok and the pattern is quite an easy one.

I’m feeling a lot better mentally as well, the depression got very bad Monday/Tuesday but it seems to be passing now. Lots of different reasons but it’s the worst I’ve felt for a very long time, I’m glad it’s gone, parenting is hard enough without wanting to just go and curl up in a ball somewhere in the dark and have the world leave you alone.

So, a weekend of playing catch up with the washing as our old machine broke last weekend and of course I wasn’t up to day with what needed to be done, I have a small mountain upstairs waiting for the new machine to churn through it, we’ll also be down the allotment trying to get it more into shape and tidied up and hopefully there will be time for sewing and relaxing too. Hope you’re all having a good Friday!


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