Well That Was Easy

I did a bit of sewing on the dressing gown last night and then about an hour this afternoon and here it is, all finished and ready to go!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The fabric is cotton flannel from a co-op and the pattern is Simplicity 4319. It comes down just below my knees so no tripping on it on the stairs. The sleeves are about three quarter length which means no catching them on my knitting needles or dipping them in my tea (am I painting a good picture of how unco-ordinated I am??). I am really happy with this, I have had a couple of different patterns and a couple of different fabrics that I’ve thought of using but none of them seemed quite right, I’m glad I held out and re-discovered this fabric in the stash as I think this will be really useful all winter and I love how cheery the fabric is!

I used a full 3 yards of 45″ fabric for this, I had to cut the sleeves sideways to get them to fit and there wasn’t enough fabric left to cut out the pocket or sleeve bands which would have added a couple of inches length to the sleeves. However, I’m happy without either of them so it’s not a problem, but if I’d cut any size larger than the Medium I would have needed more fabric.

I’m not sure what I’m going to make next, I put away a couple of maternity projects today as I ordered a few maternity patterns this morning and I want to re-think what I’m going to make which what bits of fabric. Now all I have left is a stack of tops and a pair of trousers plus my Sew Retro dress. I will see what grabs my attention next time I’m upstairs.

I bought the buttons and ribbon to finish of Jenny on Friday from John Lewis, along with just under a metre of a really cute batik print from the remnants bin. I now just have to get up the enthusiasm to sew on 8 four hole buttons and thread some ribbon through some eyelets and it will finally be finished.

I have some leftover yarn if anyone is interested in a small swap for it?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There is just under 2 balls of the pink and just under a ball of the green, the green was literally used to cast on for the arms, back and fronts and to cast off around the neckline so there’s three quarters of a ball minimum. Leave me a comment if you would like it.

Off to knit a bit more of my vine sock which is coming along nicely and should be done this week if I keep working on it.


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