Jenny FO

I finally sewed the buttons on to Jenny today and threaded the ribbon, not bad, only a delay of 4 days from buying them!

Here is the ‘look it fits’ shot:

Image Hosted by

which is really a very unflattering photo but there you go.

Here is the better shot of the completed cardigan

Image Hosted by

The pattern is from Rowan 37 and the yarn is Rowan Handknit Cotton which was lovely to work with but has really short yardage for the price, I bought mine from Jeannette on Ebay so I paid a reasonble price for it instead of the shop price. I made the largest size (40″ chest) and the pattern said I would need 11 balls of the main colour when in fact I used just over 9 balls. It also called for a separate colour for 2 rows around the collar but I used the same shade that I’d used on the cuffs and hems instead, way to get people to buy more yarn than they need and leave them with lots of partial balls Rowan. The pattern is pretty easy, it has those Rowan annoyances but besides that I was fine with it. It knit up pretty quickly as well on good sized needles, I think I used 3.25 and 4mm needles. The only thing I wasn’t happy with is that in the photograph you really can’t see the neckline of the sweater. This meant that I assumed it was a regular fitting neckline and instead it’s a very wide necked cardigan that relies on the ribbon to pull it in where you want it, I didn’t even see ribbon in the picture until I studied it really hard. I am all for nice pictures but would it be so hard for Rowan to put a front and back plain photo with the pattern instructions so you actually know what you’re making before you seam it up?

The buttons and ribbon are from John Lewis, I was really happy to find such good matches and also to find that I had thread of almost the same shade to sew the buttons on with, hadn’t thought of that until I was already home from the shop!

So, another FO off my August list, I am making good progress on the socks, if I concentrate on them today I can get them off the needles tonight I’d think. Then it’s onto Arisaig, I have only managed 10 rows of rib on the second front and done none of the patterning on the first front. I will have to work extra hard to figure out where I am as well as Little One pulled the sticker off the pattern that marked where I was in the chart… Anyway, it looks possible to finish off everything this month if I really concentrate, so I’m happy.

I decided to sew a white linen shirt from one of the Built By Wendy Simplicity patterns in case you were wondering!


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