Phildar Help Needed Please

Are any of you familiar with Phildar patterns and their decreases? I picked up my black cardigan to do the armhole decreases and realised that I put it down because I can’t figure out the instructions…

If anyone can give me a row by row report on what I’m supposed to do I’d appreciate it!

Starting with 84 stitches

at beg of next 6 rows, cast off 1 st, then 3 sts from each edge on foll rows, dec 2 sts 3 times and 1 st 3 times.

End with 60 stitches.

I get the first bit, decrease 1 stitch at start of the next 6 rows, then is it the next 2 rows decrease 3 stitches at each end? The dec 2 stitches 3 times throws me, is that at the start of the next 3 rows or both ends of the next 3 rows or something else?

Thanks for any help!


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