Curtains for You

Or rather Curtains for Little One unless you’re a huge Thomas the Train fan!

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Sorry about the picture, it’s very hard to take photos of closed curtains in a very tiny room!

This project stepped up in line after Little One, having destroyed the roman blind at his window in all other possible ways tried to swing from it and ripped it out of the wall. Apparently he got a hurty leg and when we asked how he said ‘fell down’… So, as he’d ripped the fixtures out of the wall this time (the blind has hit the floor several times before) we decided it was time to use the curtains that MIL had saved from my now 16 year old BIL’s childhood room and cut those things down to size.

Ok, so they’re a bit long, I was trying to match up the print on the fabric and not have to hem them. I started off with 2 too wide and too short curtains, ripped them both down the middle (seriously, if you need a straight edge to all cotton fabric clip the edge and rip it, straight line every time, and oh so fun!) and then ripped the bottoms off one of them and the hem off the other and then began to sew. Each curtain only required two seams from me, one to connect the two pieces and then a narrow hem down the middle.

I even hung the curtain rail myself with much cursing under the breath and a drill that didn’t work at all, in the end I put the screws in my hand, ouch… Hopefully he won’t pull them down anytime soon!

Little One’s reaction? ‘Got Thomas train curtains, *fank you* Ninny!’. My work is done.

Knitting update, I now understand the instructions, thank you so much Alexandra, I will get working on that again tonight in front of some CSI. I finished the rib on the second side of Arisaig but have stalled again with that. I am sure I will be fine once I figure out where I was in the pattern, I have notes as to where I was in the decreases but it’s just gathering the mind power to do that. I am working on the second foot of the Key West socks, wow do plain knit socks go fast! This is my first ever pair of plain socks and they’ve been fun to do, they should be finished tomorrow I’d think! Besides that just a few rows here and there on various shawls to show for my time, but every row is closer to the finish so it’s time well spent.


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