Cracking On

On Sunday I tidied up the sewing room, although I’d not been using it much it had become a dumping ground for stuff that needed to be put away, sorted out or posted off. I’ve been selling off my business fabric and there were packages everywhere. Add to that my stacks of things to be made (added to yet again!), patterns to be put away, patterns to be listed for sale or swap and knitting projects all over the place, plus the ironing, and it was a bit annoying to say the least! I did the ironing, put away what I could, moved the packages away, checked patterns for completeness and now feel a whole lot better, although I wish I could get on with some sewing, I might cut something out today just so I feel like I’m doing something, I have a bag to make for my Mother’s birthday in 2 weeks that I want to get out of the way.

If you’re interested in retro/vintage sewing patterns check here, I am happy to either sell or swap these patterns and will post internationally so drop me a comment if you’re interested in anything. I think I have another 10 to check for completeness and I’m hoping to do that in the next day or so.

The knitting has been going well though, I finished the back of Billie yesterday with disc 3 of the Gilmore Girls Series 2, I should be able to get it all knit with this series as the speed I’m going! I also cast off the Shoalwater Shawl. You don’t realise how many stitches there are (even though they hardly fit on the needles anymore!) until it takes you two and a half hours to cast off using a simple picot cast off! It took another hour plus to do the i-cord edging along the top but it’s all complete now and I will try and block it later. I had more yarn left than I would have liked but not enough to do another full pattern repeat so I didn’t have much choice but the stop knitting.

I have finished the second front of the Phildar cardigan and ripped out half the back so I can re-do the armhole decreases properly, that shouldn’t take too long and then I need to block it (am going to try steaming it with the iron and see if that works) and then I can get on with the seaming up and ribbing. I’m still not convinced that I will have enough yarn, unless I’ve lost a ball somewhere (and I’ve looked everywhere for it) this cardigan has taken almost 200 yards more than the pattern calls for which is a bit odd.

There is a method to all this finishing up, the next cardigan I want to knit needs 4.5mm needles. The Shoalwater Shawl was on one of my pairs and the Phildar cardigan needs the other pair for the ribbing so I needed to clear off a set so I can get started on something new! I’m using one of my bags of All Season’s Cotton and really looking forward to getting it cast on, but I want to cast off the back of the black cardigan first.

I must put in some time on the Peace Shawl soon so that I’m not left knitting frantically right before Christmas like I was with the Sheep Shawl.

Now if I could just get sewing again I’d feel so much better!


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